Fundraiser for pup who suffered horrific injuries after being hit by car in Kilkenny

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Fundraiser for pup who suffered horrific injuries after been hit by car in Kilkenny

Posie is now recovering from surgery

A five-month-old puppy Posie was recently hit by a car in Kilkenny and suffered horrific injuries including multiple fractures.

As a result she is injured from the stomach down with a dislocated and fractured pelvis. Both her hips have been dislocated and one socket has been split. There are several more breaks and damage to her legs unfortunately.

Protecting Pound Dogs, an animal rescue charity, rushed Posie to their orthopedic veterinary surgeons to both save her legs, pelvis, hips and her life. She has had the first of her extensive operations and first diagnosis is that it went very well. The next operation on her right side which is the severely damaged side is happening soon and funds are needed to facilitate her care.

"Posie's initial surgeries are costing minimum €2500 not including rehab but we couldn’t say no and won’t. It’s the whole reason we do what we do. Since the pandemic we have not been able to fundraise at all and really would appreciate any helping hand," said a spokesperson for the rescue.

Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated by the charity.

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