Gruelling 4X4X48 endurance feat under way in Kilkenny to raise funds for good cause

Four officers of the Defence Forces have begun the challenge this morning

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People



Jay Leahy, Joe Gunne, Ben Leydon, Micheal Murphy

Four officers of the Defence Forces have begun an incredible endurance challenge to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. 

Starting at 4am this morning, Michael Murphy and three other officers are running four miles every four hours for a duration of 48 hours in the Kilkenny City area. This will accumulate to a distance of 48miles (77.25km) - almost two marathons.

The four runners are Michael Murphy (Thurles), Ben Leydon (Purcellsinch), Joe Gunne (Clonmel) and Jay Leahy (Glendine Heights). The challenge is know as the 4X4X48 David Goggins challenge and is completed by many all over the world on an annual basis.

So far, they have raised a total of €4,551 in aid of Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland through GoFundMe. You can help out here.