Swan Lakeside! Frank snaps super picture of Kilkenny swan who returned home

Local residents have been looking after the swans until they mature and releasing them - but this one has stayed around

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People




Frank Manning captured this picture

Reader Frank Manning from Lakeside, Hebron Road, took this fantastic wildlife action photograph last week, featuring a swan chase in the local lake.

The swans are a big attraction at Lakeside.

"With the help of Pat Durkin, our local wildlife expert, we have been looking after the swans until they mature and release them onto the river either at Green's Bridge or at the other end near the weir at Canal Walk," says Frank.

Four swans were released this year. But one flew back home (the one pictured above).

Meanwhile, Frank has planted a massive amount of daffodils and tulips in the area over the past few years. He is hoping Lakeside and its new surrounding park nextdoor at the new Newpark Medical Centre will be 'a sea of yellow with splashes of rainbow tulips mixed in'. 

“Lakeside has just had a complete makeover by Ormonde Construction as they have completed the Newpark Medical Centre,” he says.

“The entire area has been landscaped beautifully and will be wonderful for the residents of Lakeside.”

Visitors to the estate say it gives them a boost after a long winter to see the swans starting to nest again and the daffodils bursting into bloom. Well done everyone - and keep up the good work.