Broken glass and litter left at children's playground

Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny People reporter


Broken glass and litter left at Tipperary playground - community in shock

Broken glasses, vodka bottles, cigarette butts and cans all over the place at Mullinahone Playground last week.

There were shocking scenes at Mullinahone playground last week with broken glasses, vodka bottles, cigarette butts and cans all over the place. This mess was kindly cleaned up and even vacuumed by some local mothers, but please be aware that there could still be shards of glass left on the ground, so do not let your children go barefoot.
This behaviour is totally unacceptable and ever so dangerous.

Parents please speak to your children about litter and when you are at the playground, please consider bringing some gloves and picking up any litter you might find. Children learn by seeing what we do.
It is incredible how hard we have to fight to keep our playground a safe and pleasant place, but it is certainly worth it. There are a small group of volunteers on the Playground Committee who are very dedicated, but more parents are needed to assist and a call will be put out in the next few weeks for volunteers to do a quick morning check for any type of vandalism.
Gardai have been informed and the Playground cameras have been informative.