Camphill, Ballytobin: Talks at advanced stage with new service provider

Community co-worker model at Ballytobin to cease with effect from July 31

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Camphill, Ballytobin

Talks are at an advanced stage with a new service provider

Talks are at an advanced stage between the HSE and a new service provider to take charge of the Ballytobin Community, according to local TD Bobby Aylward.

The Fianna Fail TD says it is intended that the previous community co-worker model at Camphill, Ballytobin will cease with effect from July 31.

“The HSE have advised parents/guardians at various meetings that they intend to wind down the live in/co-worker model currently in existence at Camphill, Ballytobin”, said Deputy Aylward.

"Definitive arrangements are being communicated to all concerned as the current position relevant to operations at Camphill, Ballytobin is obviously not sustainable

“Camphill Communities of Ireland are in the process of finalising alternative arrangements for the relevant co-workers. This process is now at an advanced stage and it is expected that the alternative arrangements for the for the Long Term Co-Workers will conclude on 31st July 2017. Therefore it is intended that the current Community Co-Worker Model at Camphill, Ballytobin will cease effect from the same date.

“The HSE have stated that in order to ensure that an appropriate transition takes place, HSE personnel will be scheduling case conferences with parents/guardians and where appropriate, the residents, so that an appropriate transition can take place. Case conferences will be scheduled on an individual basis as the transition process must be directed by the needs of the residents concerned.

Deputy Aylward says that this paves the way for a new service provider at Ballytobin, which will come as welcome news to the concerned parents/guardians.

"It is my understanding that a new service provider has been identified and that talks are at an advanced stage," he said.

"Hopefully the process will progress smoothly from this point and those service users who have been resident at Ballytobin for ten, twenty, thirty years and more will not be forced to endure the tough adjustment of relocation to an alternative service."