Kilkenny's Mel backs 'New Frontiers' call for early-stage entrepreneurs

Programme is run by the WIT School of Business from ArcLabs

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Kilkenny's Mel backs 'New Frontiers' call for early-stage entrepreneurs

Mel Clohessy from Urlingford

Early-stage entrepreneurs from Kilkenny with three hours a week to spare are being invited to apply for the 12-week ‘New Frontiers’ programme at Waterford IT.

The programme is run by the WIT School of Business from ArcLabs, the innovation hub based at WIT’s West Campus.

Mel Clohesy, from Urlingford, is one entrepreneur who participated in two phases of New Frontiers. He’s the founder of SociaFeedia, a ‘farm to fork’ platform for consumers who want fresh, traceable produce directly from local farmers.

“The programme opens doors for you to meet industry experts in your area,” says the 33-year-old.

“I found this to be especially valuable in developing my company.”

Mel says that Phase 1 of the programme is a brilliant opportunity for anyone with even a early stage idea to get advice and tutorials.

“Phase 1 is one evening per week and I got excellent coaching and tutorials on the lean canvas, marketing, and how to pitch your concept,” he says.

"The programme is delivered through workshops instead of lectures so it has a very informal atmosphere.
“The progress I made just on the Phase 1 programme enabled me to be shortlisted for the AIB Academy and I won Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Kilkenny.”

His idea came from 8 years of research at the University of Liverpool and University of Manchester.

“I did not have a lightbulb moment, instead my idea was developed through University research,” he explains.

Phase 1 of the New Frontiers Programme begins in Waterford at Arc Labs, the innovation hub based on WIT’s west campus in September on a part-time basis. Phase 2 begins in December.

Applications for the programme must be in by August 25. For more informationor to apply, see