NOMINATIONS: Where is the BEST bag of chips in Kilkenny?

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Kilkenny - best chips poll

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You've voted for the best hairdresser in Kilkenny, now we're opening the search to find the BEST bag of chips in Kilkenny.

Is your local chipper nicer than all the others? Do they get the amount of salt and vinegar just right? Do you ever stop off for a bag of chips in a place that you just can't resist?

To nominate your favourite chipper for the best bag of chips, comment their name in the comments section on Facebook. We'll close the nominations ahead of the main vote, which will open on Friday.

The winners will be presented with a Kilkenny People certificate of excellence to hang proudly on their wall as well as the glory of having the best bag of chips in the land.

The search starts here, good luck!