Wind down with 'End of summer Vibe - One Love' concert at Ballykeeffe, Kilkenny

Amphitheatre to host tribute acts paying homage to Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Wind down with 'End of summer Vibe - One Love' concert at Ballykeeffe, Kilkenny

People are encouraged to BYOP (bring your own picnic)

An 'End of summer vibe/One Love' concert has been announced for Kilkenny's Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre - and it could be a great way to wind down the summer on a good note.

People are encouraged to BYOP (bring your own picnic) and enjoy celebration of The Wailers' music while commemorating the 30th anniversary of Peter Tosh's passing.

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Neville O' Riley Livingston grew up in dire poverty in Trenchtown, Kingston Jamaica. They decided to speak out against the troubles in society and try to make their circumstances better.

As they wailed regularly about equal rights and justice it was only right that they should form a band and use the art of music and song to highlight these problems. It was fitting also that they should name that band 'The Wailers'.

"So c'mon and bring those reggae beats from the bottom of yer feet to the top of yer soul while yer eyes and ears see and hear a positive vibration. While yer body and mind takes control of yer clear concerned conscience. And feel at one with nature and each other in One Love."

People can BYOP and share with people from Direct Provison Centres in Carrick-On-Suir, Waterford and Tramore. Proceeds will go to buy school books and uniforms for children in Direct Provision in Tramore Waterford and Carrick-On-Suir and One Love Promoter Stephen Garland

Family tickets are €20 (2 adults 2 under 16s); Over 16s are €10. Tickets on sale from Ticketmaster, Rollercoaster Records Kilkenny and Kilkenny Book Centre.

The 'End Of Summer Vibe/One Love' concert takes place in Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre Kilkenny on Sunday, September 10. Gates are from 1pm, with showtime at 2pm-6pm.

Line Up:
Catch A Fire
Buffalo Soul
Rírá (ex Scary Éire)
Craic Appeal
Tae Lane
Bass Kontroller
+ Very Special Guests