Urlingford Alert group to seek community's help for CCTV to combat crime

Community Alert chairman says it needs to be considered 'in light of recent events'

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



CCTV cameras

The Urlingford and Graine Community Alert committee is to begin a campaign to raise funds for surveillance cameras as a crime prevention measure.

The group feels that the town’s proximity to junction four on the motorway makes it an easy target for criminals to access and exit quickly. They say the cameras will help Gardaí, reduce the fear of crime in the parish, and assist in the prosecution of offenders.

The Community Alert committee is made up of volunteers, and the Text Alert system is not government funded.

The Department of Justice has a grant available which will cover 60% of the cost of the cameras. However, the community will have to raise €15,000 to avail of this grant.

Committee chairman John Cahill says that the primary goal is to keep the area and its residents as safe as possible.

“Unfortunately, in light of recent events around the area, we have to consider other methods of achieving this aim,” he said.

“We need to keep our community safe and as a result we have come to the conclusion that surveillance cameras would greatly reduce prevalent antisocial behaviours such as vandalism, drug activity and robberies.”

The group is now inviting every household in the parish to contribute toward the CCTV cameras so the grant can be drawn down. Committee members will be calling to householders in the coming weeks.