Callan Road realignment to be completed in Q1 of next year

Works are progressing apace on the long-awaited scheme

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Callan Road realignment scheme

Works continue on the busy route

The long-awaited N76 Callan Road realignment scheme is expected to be finished in the first quarter of next year.

The project is progressing apace, with earthworks and drainage now largely completed.

Kerbing has been completed for the first kilometre, and the road has been resurfaced. Kerbing has been partially completed at Shellumsrath, and works are under way to install the new footpath, cycle lane, and public lighting.

Meanwhile, construction has begun of the road and pavement on the offroad realignment section. A cattle underpass has been finished at Brownstown junction, and road reconstruction is almost complete also.

The local road from Tennypark Cross to Bamford Cross will remain closed until the middle of next month.