Reign of Terror in Kells to become largest mass participation event

Record numbers have signed up

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Reign of Terror is a community and volunteer run event

The community of Kells is leading the way this Saturday, October 21, as they get set to host what will be Ireland’s only endurance obstacle course run, ‘Reign of Terror’.

With record breaking numbers of participants already signed up to compete, the event is now on track to become Kilkenny’s largest mass participation event.

“Not only has this event appealed to the serious competitors but also the more novice participant," says Liam O’ Sullivan, Reign of Terror.

"We have seen people who may not be gym buffs sign up to take part for fun or a charitable cause. If you can walk 5KM, you can take on ‘Reign of Terror’.”

Set over distances of 3km to 21km typically involves competitors racing to overcome physical obstacles such as steep inclines, rivers and climbing frame traverses. Trails are typically set in muddy and challenging landscapes to ensure a physically and mentally challenging sport.

A raft of Irish sporting stars such as Noel Hickey, Jackie Tyrell and David Herity are all signed up to the course. An ideal day out for visitors and spectators, there will be something for everyone with Viking and Medieval Battle Displays from Déíse Medieval, historical tours of Kells Priory, BBQs and lots more. Reign of Terror is a community and volunteer run event which is funded by LEADER Partnership. For more, see