Rents in Kilkenny up by 10% in past quarter

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Rents rose in Kilkenny by an average of 10.5% in the year to September 2017, according to the latest quarterly Rental Price Report by which was published today.

The average monthly rents in Kilkenny for a one-bed apartment is €599 (up 12.9% on the same time period last year),  €694 for a two-bed apartment (up 12.3%), €832 for a three-bedroomed house (up 11.6%). €905 for a four-bedroomed house (up 11.5%) and €921 for a five-bedroomed house (up 1.1%).

The average monthly rent nationwide during the third quarter of 2017 was €1,198, the sixth quarter in a row a new all-time high has been set. The rate of inflation represents a slight slowdown in inflation from the rate recorded in the second quarter of 2017 (11.8%); the largest on record was the 13.5% increase recorded in late 2016.