Religious relic comes to Clara parish church, Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Religious relic comes to Clara parish  church, Kilkenny

On Thursday at 7.30pm the first class relic of St. John of the Cross will be in the Parish Church of Clara.
December 14 is the feast day of St John of the Cross, the patron saint of those whose lives have been touched by depression and mental health issues.
“This is a very special evening for those who know the darkness of depression,” Fr. Willie Purcell, parish priest of Clara said.
Fr Willie has visited the shrine of the saint and was impressed.
“St John of the Cross wrote a famous book called ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’, he understood depression in his own life but through his depression understood the loving care of God’ this is the first time that his relic has been in Kilkenny and perhaps even in Ireland,” Fr. Willie added.
“Many people know the dark night of the soul and for many people this time of the year can be difficult, lonely, fearful and depressing,” he added.
“Despite all the glitter around us many people go through very difficult times with depression,” he said, adding that the saint was locked away by his family as they did not understand his depression and that he is a saint of hope, above all else.