WARNING: Jam-packed hot press nearly destroyed home say fire fighters

Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny People reporter

WARNING:  Overloaded hot press nearly destroyed home

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Firefighters have warned of the dangers of overloading hot presses with linen.

Dublin Fire Brigade said that a smoke alarm recently saved a home from being destroyed.

The firefighters said a hot press can be a dangerous combination of heat, electricity and flammable material.

Photos of a fire in a hot press showed considerable damage including burned clothes, charred timber shelves and blackened walls.

A Dublin Fire Brigade spokesperson said: "A smoke alarm and closed door at this hot press fire saved the house from being destroyed.

"Firefighters extinguished this fire earlier in Phibsborough.

"Hot presses can be a dangerous mix of water, electricity, heat and high fire load. 

"Don't overload hot presses with linen.

"Allow air to circulate to keep wires and switches at the correct temperature.

"A jam-packed press can cause kinks in wires and cause leaks in pipe connections.

"A closed door is the most effective way to slow fire spread."

Hot presses or airing cupboards are often used for storing towels, bedding and items of clothing once they’ve been washed.

However the clear advice is not to overload them to reduce the risk of a fire hazard.