Vhi volunteers lend a hand at local Kilkenny schools

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Vhi volunteers lend a hand at local Kilkenny schools

Pictured is volunteer Shirley Trait with third class students from St. Patrick's De La Salle

Fourteen volunteers from Vhi volunteered to teach Junior Achievement programmes in five schools in Kilkenny across the 2016/2017 school year.

The Junior Achievement programmes are taught to a wide range of students – from senior infants in primary school to fourth year students at second level – and cover a range of topics including science, maths, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, communication and practical life skills.

Through hands-on, interactive activities, students learn about the world of work and how their town and community operate.

Primary school programmes included the Core Media-sponsored ‘Our City’ programme which introduces the students to how cities are planned through interactive activities, whereby students get to build their very own city in their classroom. Students then get to make important decisions about a restaurant that they will open in their city and also create advertisements for a new ice cream parlour.

Secondary school programmes include the Metlfe ‘Finance Your Future’ module which is designed to enable students to understand how to manage their own personal finances and to draw a direct correlation between education and career choices and success in the world of work.

“With the support of partners like Vhi we are able to connect students with the world outside their classrooms in a way which is both meaningful and educational,” said Denise Power, area manager of Junior Achievement Ireland South East Office.

“ Helping students to connect what they do in school with the world around them to ensure they see the relevance of their studies in their everyday lives is a very important aspect of their development and one in which we are delighted that Vhi has invested its resources and expertise.”

Therese Bourke of Vhi says the company was delighted to continue its strong support of Junior Achievement Ireland to help deliver this activity in local Kilkenny schools.

“Year-on-year, our staff volunteer to participate and we genuinely feel that they benefit almost as much as pupils,” she said.

“ We are very proud to support our local schools and look forward to partnering with Junior Achievement Ireland to continue this very beneficial activity.”