Kilkenny Soccer Scoreboard

All the fixtures and results from the Kilkenny & District League

Trevor Spillane


Trevor Spillane



Kenny Morris in action for Fort Rangers in their Maher Shield clash with Evergreen B. Morris was among the scorers in Fort's 5-2 win. Photo: Michael Brophy

After a busy weekend of Maher Shield games the leagues kick back into action in Kilkenny next weekend.

There is only one top flight game, with Thomastown United A taking on Evergreen B on Sunday morning. The pick of the local games will see Highview Athletic A host Deen Celtic A in a potential six-pointer in Division One. With both sides heavily involved in the promotion race, a win here could leave either side in a strong position as the season gets into the business stage. 


Under-16 TC Tyres League Division Two

Freebooters B v Callan United, Scanlon Park 7.15pm.

Under-10 Schoolboys’ League Black

Evergreen Dynamos v Lions White, 6.30pm.

Evergreen Celtic v Lions Blue, 6.30pm.

Under-10 Schoolboys’ League Amber

Evergreen United v Thomastown United Blue, 6.30pm.


Bennettsbridge Parts Women’s League

Callan United v Evergreen, Derdimus 5pm.

Under-19 IntoSport League

Castlewarren Celtic v Evergreen A, 2.30pm.

Highview Athletic v Newpark, 2.30pm.

Deen Celtic v Evergreen B, 2.30pm.

Under-19 LFA Cup

Thomastown United v Parkville, 2.30pm.

Under-16 Schoolgirls’ League

Bridge United v Bridge United Athy, Goresbridge 1pm.

Under-16 TC Tyres League Division One

Newpark v Lions, 11am.

Evergreen A v East End United, 11am.

Under-16 TC Tyres League Division Two

Stoneyford United v Evergreen United, 11am.

Freshford Town v Deen Celtic, 2.30pm.

Clover United v Highview Athletic, 2.30pm.

Under-16 SFAI Skechers Cup

Freebooters v Athlone Town, 2pm.

Under-14 Schoolgirls’ League

Hanover Harps v Newpark, The Plots, Carlow 11.15pm.

Thomastown United v Freebooters, 12.30pm.

Lions v East End United, 1pm.

Evergreen City v Evergreen United, 1pm.

Nurney Villa v Callan United, Newtown Road 2.15pm.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division One

Bridge United v Thomastown United, 11am.

Lions v Clover United, 2.30pm.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division Two

Southend United v Freebooters B, 11am.

Freshford Town v Highview Athletic, 11am.

Deen Celtic B v Freebooters C, 11am.

Fort Rangers v East End United, 12.30pm.

Evergreen B v Newpark, 1pm.

Under-13 SFAI Skechers Cup

Aisling Annacotty v Evergreen, 2pm.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division One

Deen Celtic A v Callan United, 10.30am.

Freebooters A v Evergreen Boys, Scanlon Park 11am.

Evergreen Albion v Bridge United A, 11am.

Thomastown United A v Lions, 11.15am.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Two

Stoneyford United A v Bridge United B, 1pm.

Newpark v Deen Celtic B, 1pm.

Freebooters B v Fort Rangers A, Scanlon Park 2.30pm.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Three

Thomastown United B v Highview Athletic, 10am.

Fort Rangers B v Freshford Town, 11am.

Freebooters C v Evergreen Rovers, Scanlon Park 1pm.

Paulstown 06 v Evergreen United, 2pm.

Stoneyford United B v Freebooters D, 2.15pm.

Under-10 Schoolboys’ League Black

Paulstown 06 v Newpark, 11am.

Fort Rangers v Highview Athletic, 2pm.

Evergreen Athletic v Callan United Black, 3.30pm.

Evergreen White v Callan United Red, 3.30pm.

Under-10 Schoolboys’ League Amber

Freebooters White v Stoneyford United Green, Scanlon Park 12 noon.

Freebooters Grey v Stoneyford United Red, Scanlon Park 12 noon.

Freebooters Blue v Stoneyford United Black, Scanlon Park 12 noon.

Evergreen City v Thomastown United Yellow, 2.30pm.

Evergreen Rovers v Thomastown United White, 2.30pm.


St Canice’s Credit Union Premier Division

Thomastown United A v Evergreen B, 11am.

Rico’s of Gowran Division One

Highview Athletic A v Deen Celtic A, 11am.

Fort Rangers v Bridge United, 11am.

Thomastown United B v Newpark, 2.30pm.

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

Evergreen C v River Rangers, 10.30am.

Brookville v Paulstown, 11am.

St Ann’s v St John’s, 11am.

Brogmaker Division Three

Deen Celtic B v Evergreen 46, 2.30pm.

Under-18 Leinster Youths’ Cup

Bangor Celtic v Freebooters, 11am.

Under-17 TC Tyres League

Thomastown United v East End United, 2.30pm.

Castlewarren Celtic v Southend United, 2.30pm.

Under-14 SFAI Skechers Cup

Evergreen v Ardee Celtic, 1pm.


Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division One

Freebooters A v Deen Celtic A, Scanlon Park 7.15pm.


Rico’s of Gowran Division One

Lions A 1, Bridge United 3.

Brogmaker Division Three

Thomastown United C 2, Ormonde Villa 8.

Pat Maher Shield

Clover United 2, Deen Celtic 3.

Evergreen A 7, Castlewarren Celtic 0.

Fort Rangers 5, Evergreen B 2.

Highview Athletic 5, Newpark 0.

Stoneyford United 3, Brookville 2.

Thomastown United 4, Callan United 3.

St John’s 1, Freebooters B 3.

Youths’ Inter-League

Kilkenny & DL 4, Carlow & DL 1.

Under-17 TC Tyres League

Freebooters 2, Callan United 1.

Evergreen B 0, East End United 7.

Southend United 1, Thomastown United 1.

Under-16 Schoolgirls’ League

Thomastown United 4, Bridge United 2.

Under-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League Division One

Bridge United 4, Lions 0.

Thomastown United A 5, Evergreen City 1.

Under-15 St Canice’s Credit Union League Division Two

Stoneyford United 2, Highview Athletic 1.

Evergreen United 2, Thomastown United B 2.

Under-15 SFAI Skechers Cup

Evergreen 1, Swilly Rovers 2.

Under-13 Kilkenny People League Division One

East End United A 5, Stoneyford United 1.

Fort Rangers 1, Evergreen A 5.

Freebooters A 1, Bridge United 0.

Under-13 Kilkenny People League Division Two

Paulstown 06 4, Evergreen Town 5.

Newpark 0, Thomastown United 4.

Evergreen United 3, Highview Athletic 0.

Freebooters B 3, East End United B 0.

Freebooters C 1, Callan United 1.

Under-13 SFAI Subway Inter-League

Kilkenny & DL 3, NEC 0.

Under-12 Schoolgirls’ League

Freebooters 1, Thomastown United 5.

Evergreen City 2, Bridge United 3.

East End United 5, Newpark 0.

Callan United 5, Lions 0.

Under-12 SFAI Subway Inter-League

Kilkenny & DL 2, NEC 3.