Rubbish and dumping by passing motorists in Windgap and Tullahought 'a disgrace'

Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny People Reporter


Rare Black Swan in Windgap

The rare Black Swan - a native of Australia - pictured in Windgap

Bruscar, ordures, basura...

In any language, be it Irish, French, Spanish or English, rubbish is rubbish and the dumping of it by passing motorists is a disgrace, as it obviously comes from a much larger percentage of the population that would be shocked and would not like to be associated with the larger items of indiscriminate dumping that take place in isolated areas.

Each item banishes the great work of all that have pride in their community and country. These include the ordinary men, women and children who live along every road that is littered and also the volunteers who annually spend time clearing the roads of litter under the Tidy Towns banner as in Windgap, Tullahought and many other areas in the country in recent weeks.