Old N25 upkeep costs a ‘cause for concern’

Cllr Eamon Aylward has contacted Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)

Christopher Dunne


Christopher Dunne



Old N25 upkeep costs a ‘cause for concern’

Road Works Signage (File Photo)

Cllr Eamon Aylward raised concerns at this month’s Piltown Municipal District Council meeting about the old N25 road from County Kilkenny to New Ross being handed over to the Council to maintain, “significantly impacting the District road budget.”

The issue has arisen from the fact that this cited stretch of old N25 road has been reclassified from national road status to regional road status following the construction of the new ‘ N25 New Ross Bypass’ and ‘Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge’.

“It’s a very wide road, many times wider than the regional roads we’re used to dealing with,” Cllr Aylward explained.

“The cost of resurfacing a road of that size is most definitely a cause for concern.”

Cllr Aylward revealed that he has been in touch with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in a bid to resolve the issue.

“Something has to be done to make the road manageable to maintain going forward so we’ve been onto TII about the possibility of maybe getting the road narrowed but they’re exploring all the options at the moment,” Cllr Aylward added.