Shamrock Rovers are coming


Shamrock Rovers are coming

No doubting the soccer game of the weekend in Kilkenny. The big clash is on Saturday (2pm) in Thomastown when Shamrocks Rovers travel to play the locals in the Leinster Senior Cup.


Under-11 Schoolboys' League Black

Evergreen White v Highview Athletic, 6.30pm.

Evergreen Green v Fort Rangers, 6.30pm.

Evergreen Albion v Highview Athletic, 6.30pm.


Leinster Senior Cup

Thomastown United v Shamrock Rovers, 2pm.

Under-19 IntoSport League

Evergreen B v Newpark, 1pm.

Evergreen A v Freebooters, 2pm.

Deen Celtic v Highview Athletic, 2.30pm.

Under-17 TC Tyres League

Lions v Castlewarren Celtic, 11am.

Under-14 Schoolgirls' League

Newpark v Thomastown United, 10.30am.

Callan United v East End United, 11am.

Nurney Villa v Evergreen United, 1pm.

Freebooters v Lions, Scanlon Park 2pm.

Hanover Harps v Evergreen City, 2.30pm.

Under-13 Kilkenny People League Division One

Fort Rangers v Deen Celtic A, 11am.

Lions v Bridge United, 1pm.

Under-13 Kilkenny People League Division Two

Evergreen United v Paulstown 06, 11am.

Deen Celtic B v Freshford Town, 11am.

Freebooters C v Evergreen Town, Scanlon Park 12.30pm.

Highview Athletic v Callan United, 1pm.

Under-13 SFAI Skechers Cup

Evergreen v Termonfeckin Celtic, 2.30pm.

Under-11 Schoolboys' League Amber

Stoneyford United White v Evergreen Villa, 11am.

Stoneyford United Reds v Evergreen Town, 11am.

Stoneyford United Blacks v Evergreen Celtic, 11am.

Spa United White v Freebooters White, 11am.

Spa United Red v Freebooters Grey, 11am.

Spa United Black v Freebooters Blue, 11am.

Bridge United White v Deen Celtic Reds, 2pm.

Bridge United Yellow v Deen Celtic Rovers, 2pm.

Bridge United Blue v Deen Celtic Blacks, 2pm.

Under-11 Schoolboys' League Black

Freebooters Town v Callan United, Coote's Lane 11am.

Paulstown 06 v East End United, 1pm.

Lions Black v Newpark Reds, 2pm.

Bridge United v Freshford Town, 2pm.

Lions Red v Newpark Reds, 2pm.

Clover United v Evergreen Hibs, 2pm.


St Canice's Credit Union Premier Division

Evergreen B v Callan United, 11am.

Freebooters B v Evergreen A, 11am.

Rico's of Gowran Division One

Highview Athletic A v Fort Rangers, 11am.

Clover United v Deen Celtic A, 11am.

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

St Ann's v Callan United B, 2.30pm.

Brogmaker Division Three

Ormonde Villa v Clover United B, 11am.

Ballacolla v Deen Celtic B, 11am.

Highview Athletic B v Evergreen 46, 2.30pm.

Under-19 IntoSport League

Thomastown United v Castlewarren Celtic, 11am.

Under-14 SFAI Skechers Cup

Evergreen v Nenagh, 2pm.


Soccer Results

Eamonn Maher Coach Hire Division Two

River Rangers 2, Castlewarren Celtic 3.

Evergreen C 3, Callan United B 0.

St John's 1, Brookville 6.

Brogmaker Division Three

Clover United B 4, Thomastown United C 0.

Deen Celtic B 2, Ormonde Villa 3.

Pat Maher Shield

Freebooters B 1, Fort Rangers 4.

Stoneyford United 0, Deen Celtic 4.

Thomastown United 5, Highview Athletic 3.

Leinster Senior Cup

Firhouse Clover 3, Evergreen 0.

Youths' Inter-League

Inishowen League 4, Kilkenny & DL 1.

Under-16 Schoolgirls' League

Evergreen 2, Bridge United 1.

Bridge United Athy 3, Lions 0.

Hanover Harps 3, Vale Wanderers 1.

Under-16 TC Tyres League Division One

East End United 4, Newpark 1.

Evergreen A 0, Freebooters A 3.

Under-16 TC Tyres League Division Two

Evergreen United 1, Thomastown United 5.

Deen Celtic 4, Clover United 0.

Stoneyford United 5, Highview Athletic 2.

Evergreen City 2, Callan United 3.

Freebooters B 1, Freshford Town 4.

Under-15 St Canice's Credit Union League Division One

Lions 0, Evergreen A 3.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division One

Clover United 6, Deen Celtic A 3.

Bridge United 1, Lions 1.

Evergreen A 3, Thomastown United 0.

Under-14 Bennettsbridge Parts League Division Two

Callan United 4, East End United 4.

Bridge United B 6, Newpark 2.

Deen Celtic B 1, Freebooters B 0.

Freshford Town 5, Fort Rangers 0.

Under-13 SFAI 13 Subway Inter-League

Kilkenny & DL 1, Midlands League 0.

Under-12 SFAI Subway Inter-League

Kilkenny & DL 1, Midlands League 3.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division One

Thomastown United A 4, Deen Celtic A 0.

Callan United 1, Evergreen Boys 3.

East End United 1, Evergreen Albion 1.

Freebooters A 2, Lions 0.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Two

Fort Rangers A 4, Stoneyford United A 5.

Evergreen Athletic 0, Newpark 4.

Deen Celtic B 0, Freebooters B 5.

Under-12 Glanbia League Division Three

Thomastown United B 1, Freshford Town 0.

Freebooters D 1, Highview Athletic 5.

Paulstown 06 2, Freebooters C 3.