14 Aug 2022

Kilkenny athletics: St Senan's Open in Kilmacow was the place to be

Kilkenny athletics: St Senan's Open in Kilmacow was the place to be

All smiles at the St Senan's Open track and field championships

Just as promised the sunshine was ordered and delivered in time for the rescheduled St Senan’s AC Open track and field in Kilmacow. 
With the idyllic riverside setting and superb 10 lane grass track there was no better place to be on Sunday than in Kilmacow for those involved in athletics. 
While the normal Easter Monday slot was forfeited to the torrential rain, the rescheduled date proved to be equally successful for the southern club, who hosted this event for the 41st year.
United Striders of Wexford retained the Shield for the best overall juvenile club.
Local club St Senan’s were a mere two points behind.
 Great races
There were some great competitive races throughout the day with athletes across a plethora of clubs sharing in the victories. 
The host club was  grateful to Bell Packaging for their sponsorship and a special word of thanks went to the older generation of members who have been helping out for decades.
These people included Michael Gregan (Tramore AC), Pat McGovern (Waterford AC), Ed Williams (St Senan’s AC), James Aylward (St Senan’s AC) and Willie McTiernan (former Kilkenny PRO), and there were   other helpers on the day too. 
With  huge numbers in many of the races, in particular the girls under-10 and 11 300m, where over 70 athletes took part in each race, this event is proving just as popular as ever. 
It was fantastic to see so many Kilkenny clubs who supported their neighbours, namely Gowran, St Joseph’s, Thomastown, Castlecomer and Barrow Harriers. 
It was particularly great to see Barrow Harriers with such a strong contingent of young athletes – this looks promising for this relatively new club. 
Clubs from as far as Wicklow, Cork, Tipperary and Meath travelled  and happily took home some medals.
There were some impressive performances. 
World junior qualifier and recent European Permit winner, Orla O’Connor (Waterford AC) turned on the style in the girls under-19 walk; Peter McDonald (St Senan’s) did likeewise in the javelin; Myles Hewlett (United Striders) in the 700m; Anna Brennan (Gowran) in the under-13 shot; Jordan Knight and Evan O’Toole (St Joseph’s) across so many events and the Davidsons’ of Templemore. 
St Senan’s AC shone in the middle distance events, with Carrick AC doing very well in the sprints and a small group of athletes from St Killian’s commandeering the jumps.
Throws and walks coaching session
With the county championships just two weeks away, it is time to brush up on the skills in the  throwing events. 
This Sunday (10am)  Kilkenny County Board will host a throwing events coaching course in Scanlon Park for athletes and coaches from under-14 upwards. 
The focus will be on the hammer and discus. 
Also on the agenda is  a race walking coaching session for under-14 and upwards. 
All are welcome to  come along and avail of this magnificent opportunity.
News from the US
Two Kilkenny athletes, Peter Lynch (KCH) and Aoibhe Richardson (KCH) competed in LA last weekend. 
At the Mt Sac relays, Aoiibhe Richardson competed for the University of Portland. 
She ran her first ever track 10,000m and won in a time of 34.35 to finish six  seconds ahead of Emma Hatch of Lyola.
This is a big meet, held over three days with an array of events (not just relays as the name suggests). 
Meanwhile, Azusa Pacific University hosted a 3,000m steeplechase and 5,000m track event. Hundreds of athletes took part in just these two events in the Cougar Athletics Stadium in LA. 
Peter Lynch, representing Tulsa University, ran in heat  five  of the men’s 5,000m and produced a new PB of 14.32 to finish fifth. 
Heat five was won by Daniel Hames of Trinadad in 14.19. 
Geraldine Nolan of KCH,  who is now living in LA, was there to cheer on both athletes. Nice to see Geraldine  supporting her  own away from home.
St Senan's Open track and field results
Key - Thomastown = (TT), St Senans = (SS), Gowran = (G), United Striders = (US), Castlecomer = (CC), St Josephs = (SJ), Carrick on Suir = (COS), Ferrybank = (FB), Waterford AC = (WAC), St Killians = (SK), Kilkenny City Harriers = (KCH), Barrow Harriers = (BH), Aughrim = (A), Bree = (B), Finisk Valley = (FV), West Waterford = (WW), Sliabh Bhui Rovers = (SBR), Menapians = (Men), Enniscorthy (EC), Taghmon = (Tmon), Moyne = (Moy), St Laurence O’Toole = (SLOT), Ballyroan & District = (BROAN), MountMellick = (MM), Templemore (TM), Tramore = (T), St Pauls (SP), St Abbans (SA), Nenagh Olympic (NO), DMP = (DMP)
80m girls under-8 1 Mia Brennan (TT); 2 Katie Byrne (BH); 3 Emer Keating (G). 
Under-9 1 Holly Drennan (G); 2 Ruby Norris (COS); 3 Ellen Daly (KCH). 
Under-10 1 Cora Mullen (FB); 2 Sarah Connolly (COS); 3 Holly Kirby (COS). 
Under-11 1 Molly Daly (KCH); 2 Cassie O’Byrne (A); 3 Jane Brennan (TT). 
Under-12 1 Eve Dunphy (SS); 2 Eabha Mullally (SJ); 3 Cora Morrissey (SK) and Roisin Burns (KCH).
80m boys under-8 1 TJ Murphy (US); 2 Louis Morgan (FB); 3 Rory McHardy (WAC).
Under-9 1 Robert Coogan (G); 2 Colman O’Byrne (A); 3 Shane Laffan (B). 
Under-10 1 Eddie Raicevic (FV); 2 Jayde Kenny (B); 3 P.J. Breen (B). 
Under-11 1 Aidan Keating (G); 2 Cian Donovan (Men); 3 Oisin Larkin (EC). 
Under-12 1 Liam O’Dwyer (G); 2 Sam Myers (US); 3 Olan Delaney (US).
100m girls under-13 1 Emily Davidson (TM); 2 Abbie Doyle (B); 3 Juliet Evan (SS). 
Under-14 1 Orla Byrne (SBR); 2 Maria Connolly (G) and Chloe O’Connor (WAC); 3 Ava Lonergan (FB). 
Under-15 1 Katie Taylor (SJ); 2 Lauren Shiels (FB); 3 Ciara Mullally (SJ). 
Under-16 1 Anna Cass (TT); 2 Louise Doyle (US); 3 Sonya Milburn (SK).
Under-17 1 Ellen Ryan (TT); 2 Tara Glennon (SJ); 3 Aoife Ni Eochaidh (US).
Junior ladies 1 Rebecca Bowden (US); 2 Grace Flanagan (SK).
100m boys under-13 1 Killian Power (COS); 2 Sean Young (KCH); 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Under-14 1 Daniel Ukhendu (SLOT); 2 Harry Boyle (KCH); 3 Cosmo Hewlett (US).
Under-15 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ); 2 Mark Davidson (TM); 3 Cillian Dunne (G).
Under-16 1 Jordan Knight (TT); 2 Jack Forde (SK); 3 Daniel O’Brien (SS).
Under-17 1 Aaron Browne (US); 2 Daniel Wickham (US); 3 Dylan McLoughlin (Moy). 
Junior men 1 Paul Freeman (SK); 2 Dylan McLoughlin (Moy); 3 Ryan Kielthy (US).
Walks girls under-15 1 Meadb O’Connor (WAC); 2 Sophie Monahan (SS); 3 Isabelle Bowden (US)
Girls under-19 1 Orla O’Connor (WAC); 2 Ruth Heery (WAC); 3 Niamh O’Connor (SJ). 
Boys under-15 1 Aaron McLoughlin (Moy); 2 Gearoid Long (SS); 3 Aiden Kehoe (US). 
Under-19 1 Nicky Connolly (CC); 2 Joseph Hanlon (Tmon); 3 James Hanlon (Tmon).
Junior ladies 400m 1 Sophie Jackman (SS); 2 Rebecca Bawden (US); 3 Grace Flanagan (SK).
Junior men 400m 1 Aaron Browne (US); 2 Paul Freeman (SK); 3 Dylan McLoughlin (Moy).
700m girls under-12 1 Charlotte Carpendale (SS); 2 Hazel Coogan (G); 3 Grace Fanning (WAC).
Under-13 1 Orlaith Kirwan (TT); 2 Muireann Duffin (WAC); 3 Grace Glennon (SJ).
Under-14 1 Angelina Chizhikova (WW); 2 Libby Murphy (SS); 3 Rachel Foley (SJ).
Under-15 1 Fiona Dillon (TT); 2 Aoife Redmond (FB); 3 Shauna Doyle (SLOT).
Under-16 1 Aine Kirwan (TT); 2 Anna Fanning (WAC); 3 Louise Doyle (US).
Under-17 1 Tara Ramasawmy (SS); 2 Sophie Jackman (SS); 3 Elsa Doyle (SLOT).
700m boys under-12 1 Issac Carew (SS); 2 Sam Myers (US) and James Bergin (KCH); 3 Ciaran Shanahan (T).
Under-13 1 Ben Wallis (SS); 2 Sean Lennon (US); 3 Rob Sterling (SP).
Under-14 1 Myles Hewlett; 2 David Williams (SS); 3 Cosmo Hewlett (US).
Under-15 1 Aidan Burke (WAC); 2 Mark Davidson (TM); 3 Killian Dunne (G).
Under-16 1 Nathan Murphy (MEN); 2 Jack Forde (SK); 3 Hubert Homa (WAC),.
Under-17 1 Aaron Browne (US); 2 Ryan Kielthy (US).
300m girls under-10 1 Lucy Clinton (WAC); 2 Zoe Kenny (FB); 3 Cora Millen (FB).
Under-11 1 Molly Daly (KCH); 2 Lilly Ryan (SJ); 3 Cassie O’Byrne (A) and Isobelle Gallagher (FB).
300m boys 1 Jayden Kenny (B); 2 Eddie Raicrvic (FV); 3 P.J. Breen (B).
Under-11 1 Cian O’Donovan (MEN); 2 Finlay McHardy (WAC); 3 Lucas Page (SP).
1500m senior ladies 1 Breda McDonald (BROAN); 2 Michelle McDonald (SS); 3 Kate McDonald (BROAN). 
Masters 1 Diana Chizhikova (WW); 2 Emma Hewlett (US).
Junior ladies 1 Orla Davids (SA); 2 Hannah Burke (WAC)
3000m senior men 1 Hugo Blair (WAC); 2 Thomas Dunne (BROAN); 3 Danny Shannanhan (TT). 
Masters 1 George Delaney (US); 2 Martin McDonald (BROAN). 
Junior men 1 Aidan Rogers (US); 2 Cian McDonald (BROAN); 3 Colin Grennan (MM).
Long jump girls undere-12 1 Layla Stafford (DMP); 2 Emma Walsh (COS); 3 Roisin Burns (KCH).
Under-14 1 Emily Davidson (TM); 2 Eabha Mansfield (COS); 3 Aoife O’Shea (COS).
Under-16 1 Katie Taylor (SJ); 2 Erin Foely (SJ); 3 Isabelle Ryan (TT).
Junior girls 1 Aoife Ni Eobhaidh (US); 2 Sophie Jackman (SS); 3 Rebecca Bawden (US).
Long jump boys under-13 1 Killian Power (COS); 2 Sean Young (KCH); 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Under-15 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ); 2 Cillian Dunne (G); 3 Conor Gamble (CC). 
Junior men 1 Jordan Knight (SJ); 2 Jack Forde (SK); 3 Paul Freeman (SK).
High jump girls under-13 1 Emily Davidson (TM); 2 Eve Dunphy (SS); 3 Orlaith Kirwan (TT).
Under-16 1 Rose Sheridan (SS) and Isabelle Ryan (TT); 3 Aine Kirwan (TT).
High jump boys: under-13 1 Issac Carew; 2 Sean Young (KCH) and Eoin Aylward (SS); 3 Ben Wallis (SS).
Under-16 1 Jack Forde (SK); 2 Jordan Knight (SJ); 3 Evan O’Toole (SJ).
Shot girls under-13 1 Anna Brennan (G); 2 Rachel Gardner (G); 3 Shannon Codd (DMP).
Under-15 1 Aoife Byrne (SJ); 2 Sally Ann O’Brien (SS); 3 Maria Connolly (G).
Under-17 1 Muireann Hore (TMON); 2 Sophie Jackman (SS); 3 Tara Glennon (SJ).
Shot boys under-12 1 Liam O’Dwyer (G); 2 Ronan O’Toole (T); 3 Luke Gamble (CC).
Under-14 1 Cosmo Hewlett (US); 2 Billy Coogan (G); 3 Adam Browne (WAC).
Under-16 1 Jack Forde (SK); 2 Tadgh Connolly (SS); 3 Joshua Delaney (NO)
Javelin boys under-15 1 Peter McDonald (SS); 2 Cosmo Hewlett (US); 3 Evan O’Toole (SJ) and Adam Browne (WAC)
Relays girls under-10 1 (COS); 2 (FB); 3 (BH).
Under-12 1 (KCH); 2 (COS); 3 (G).
Under-14 1 (G); 2 (SJ); 3 (SS).
Under-16 1 (TT); 2 (SJ); 3 (US).
Relays boys under-10 1 (B); 2 (G;) 3 (COS).
Under-12 1 (US); 2 (SS); 3 (G).
Under-14 1 (US); 2 (SS); 3 (US).
Under-16 1 (WAC). 
Junior 1 (US); 2 (SJ); 3 (SS).

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