25 May 2022

Kilkenny indoors in Athlone a hit as clubs make winning start to 2019

Kilkenny indoors in Athlone a hit as clubs make winning start to 2019

Kilkenny girls await their turn in the under-12 long jump

The Kilkenny county indoor championships returned to the AIT Indoor Arena in Athlone on Saturday and delivered a performance bigger and better than before.
Building upon the success of the inaugural event in 2018, this year’s event proved hugely popular with clubs across the county. Athletes arrived by the bus-load in Athlone for the day’s competition, while there were more than 40 officials present on the day – surely a record number by any county’s standards.
Kilkenny County Board thrive on their ability to run events in an efficient and successful manner and Saturday’s event was no exception. With a long programme, catering for juveniles from under-12 to 19, not to mention seniors and masters, to get through every official got through their heavy workload with gusto. The day was completed with one hour to spare. Thanks went to the County Board and 40 club officials who made this a big success.
There was talent galore on display across a plethora of events. International athletes such as David Murphy (Gowran), Tadgh Connolly and Tara Ramsawmy (St Senan’s), Hannah O’Keeffe (Thomastown) and Eleanor Goddin (Kilkenny City Harriers - KCH) appeared at the event. It was a great acknowledgement of respect and loyalty on their behalf for all that Athletics Kilkenny and their clubs have done to help bring them to international level.
Starting with the middle distance events, there were some extremely close races. Molly Daly (KCH) came with a fast finish to pass the St Senan’s duo of Eve Dunphy and Charlotte Carpendale in the girls’ under-12 600m. In the boys’ event Eoin Moore stormed to an impressive victory.
St Senan’s dominated much of the distance events, winning the boys’ under-14, 15, 16, 17 and senior men’s titles. Gold-medal winners were Ben Wallis, David Williams, Tadgh Connolly, Keith Butler and Jonathan Crowley.
St Senan’s were just as impressive in the girls’ events. The club won gold at under-16, 18 and 19 levels through Saoirse Allen, Tara Ramasawmy and Aoife Allen, with many athletes in the minor placings in other age groups. Thomastown took the girls’ under-14, 15 and 17 events in the form of Orlaith Kirwan, Maria O’Keeffe and Aine Kirwan. The KCH pair of Molly Daly and Pia Langton won the under-12 and under-13 600m titles.
Brow Rangers won enough medals in the throwing events to create their very own pot of gold. It was great to see some younger juveniles along with their more established athletes. With Kelly with the most prolific name among the winners with the head of the contingent, Murty Kelly, leading the way. Murty finished second to son Joe in the Masters weight for distance.
The weight for distance was an interesting competition that enthralled and excited many of the spectators – the competition features a large metal ball suspended from a tripod which the athlete grips and throws as far as he or she can. It takes enormous strength to propel this weight and still remain upright and behind the board.
It is not a competition that is run very often at sporting events and often only restricted to championships. There was, however, a large field in the senior and masters event with guest competitors from outside of Kilkenny.
The hurdles honours were shared across many clubs as was the high jump, with KCH dominating in some of the girls’ events – often through sheer numbers participating.
Jordan Knight (St Joseph’s) was very impressive, taking the spoils in the under-17 200m, long jump and 60m. Jordan is well known in the athletics world and has many Leinster and national honours to his name. His club-mate Evan O’Toole took gold in the under-16 long jump and high jump.
St Senan’s dominated the walking events. The club won all but one of the juvenile races while Brid Lawlor, no stranger to race walking events having competed in the European Masters in Madrid in 2018, won the masters race.
Keelin Roche (St Senan’s) had a great day, winning both the under-15 high jump and long jump and taking bronze in the 200m.
David Murphy (Gowran) marked his return from injury with some great displays in the senior men’s 60m and 200m. It was great to see Murphy back in action again after missing much of the 2018 season. Liam O’Dwyer (Gowran) won the boys’ under-13 hurdles in fine style. James Kelsey, one to watch, impressed in the under-12 high jump.
Roisin Burns (KCH) had a great day collecting medals and earned a complete set at under-13 level when she was first in the hurdles, second in the long jump and third in the high jump. Her mother Joya made it a good day for the family by taking home medals from the masters 60m, 1,500m and 200m events.
Another mother – daughter team competed in Athlone. Mags Kirwan (Kings River) won silver in 60m and 1,500m. Her daughters Aine and Orlaith, competing for Thomastown, won gold in the under-17 and under-14 800m events respectively.
Sophia Kerr (Castlecomer) marked herself as one to watch at the Arena. Sophia stunned all spectators when she set a blistering pace in the girls’ under-15 800m. She was beaten in the end - perhaps by the lack of experience of running in this event indoors - finishing second to Maria O’Keeffe (Thomastown). Kerr delivered some more exciting performances - her power and speed must surely be setting her up for some stunning indoor and outdoor displays - when she won the 200m and the 60m events.
Kings River dominated the masters competition in all but the walking and throwing events. In what was the first indoor competition for the club it proved to be a great day out for Phillip Fennelly, Mags Kirwan, Brian McMahon, John Barron, Liam Fogarty and Derek McLoughlin, with much experience gained in the process.
The Fr Nicholas Flavin memorial shield was presented to KCH as winners of the best juvenile club. The sheer numbers of KCH athletes across all events, in particular the younger age groups, contributed to their outstanding success. St Senan’s finished second with St Joseph’s third.
January 13 - Leinster Relays, Intermediate and Masters Cross Country, Gowran 12 noon.
January 20 - County Kilkenny Open Juvenile Cross-Country, Junior and Masters Championships, Kilmacow 11am.
January 25 - Kilkenny Athletics annual meeting, Club House Hotel, Kilkenny 8pm.
January 27 - County Juvenile Relays, Intermediate and Masters Championships, Tullaroan 11am.
Results, Kilkenny County Indoor Championships (club code: BR = Brow Rangers, CC = Castlecomer, G = Gowran, KCH = Kilkenny City Harriers, KR = Kings River, SJ = St Joseph’s, SS = St Senan’s, TT = Thomastown:)
Boys’ Under-12 60m: 1 Oisin Henderson (KCH), 2 James O’Brien (KCH), 3 Eoin Moore (KCH).
Boys’ Under-13 60m: 1 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 2 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 3 Louis Raggett (KCH).
Boys’ Under-14 60m: 1 Adam Slawinski (KCH), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Rory McEvoy (KCH).
Boys’ Under-15 60m: 1 Conor Byrne (KCH), 2 Harry Boyle (KCH), 3 Darragh Nolan (G).
Boys’ Under-16 60m: 1 Mikey Raggett (KCH), 2 Joe Roche (SS).
Boys’ Under-17 60m: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Eoin Kennedy (SJ), 3 Cathal O’Reilly (CC).
Boys’ Under-19 60m: 1 Keith Butler (SS).
Boys’ Under-15 200m: 1 Harry Boyle (KCH), 2 Conor Byrne (KCH), 3 Keelin Roche (SS).
Boys’ Under-16 200m: 1 Eoin Deely (KCH), 2 Mateusz Balcer (KCH).
Boys’ Under-17 200m: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Eoin Kennedy (SJ), 3 David Byrne (G).
Boys’ Under-19 200m: 1 Keith Butler (SS).
Boys’ Under-12 600m: 1 Eoin Moore (KCH), 2 Tom Kehoe (G), 3 Aidan Keating (G).
Boys’ Under-13 600m: 1 Isaac Carew (SS), 2 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 3 Bill McDermott (KCH).
Boys’ Under-14 800m: 1 Ben Wallis (SS), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Boys’ Under-15 800m: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Naoise Gilmartin (SS), 3 Luke Phelan (G).
Boys’ Under-16 800m: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Luke Dunne (KCH), 3 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ Under-17 800m: 1 Cathal O’Reilly (CC), 2 Peter Houlihan (CC).
Boys’ Under-19 1,500m: 1 Keith Butler (SS), 2 Liam Lacey (SS).
Boys’ Under-12 hurdles: 1 Cormac Holden (KCH), 2 Nicky Healy (KCH), 3 Tom Kehoe (G).
Boys’ Under-13 hurdles: 1 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 2 Evan Cullen (KCH), 3 Isaac Carew (SS).
Boys’ Under-14 hurdles: 1 Alex Cullen (KCH), 2 Eoin Aylward (SS), 3 Shane Morrissey (SS).
Boys’ Under-15 hurdles: 1 Naoise Gilmartin (SS).
Boys’ Under-16 hurdles: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ).
Boys’ Under-17 hurdles: 1 Cathal O’Reilly (CC).
Boys’ Under-14 walk: 1 Ben Wallis (SS).
Boys’ Under-15 walk: 1 David Williams (SS), 2 Gearoid Long (SS).
Boys’ Under-16 walk: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS).
Boys’ Under-12 long jump: 1 Oisin Hennessey (KCH), 2 Cormac Holden (KCH), 3 Nicky Healy (KCH).
Boys’ Under-13 long jump: 1 Louis Raggett (KCH), 2 Liam O’Dwyer (G), 3 Conor Millea (KCH).
Boys’ Under-14 long jump: 1 Alex Cullen (KCH), 2 Sean Young (KCH), 3 Eoin Aylward (SS).
Boys’ Under-15 long jump: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Conor Byrne (KCH), 3 Luke Phelan (G).
Boys’ Under-16 long jump: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Mikey Raggett (KCH), 3 Cillian Dunne (G).
Boys’ Under-17 long jump: 1 Jordan Knight (SJ), 2 Eoin Kennedy (SJ), 3 David Byrne (G).
Boys’ Under-19 long jump: 1 Andrew Buggy (BR).
Boys’ Under-12 high jump: 1 James Kelsey (G), 2 Oisin Henderson (KCH), 3 James O’Brien (KCH).
Boys’ Under-13 high jump: 1 Isaac Carew (SS), 2 Patrick Lacey (KCH), 3 Louis Raggett (KCH).
Boys’ Under-14 high jump: 1 Alex Cullen (KCH), 2 Adam Slawinski (KCH), 3 Luke Phillips (KCH).
Boys’ Under-15 high jump: 1 Keelin Roche (SS), 2 Darragh Nolan (G).
Boys’ Under-16 high jump: 1 Evan O’Toole (SJ), 2 Mikey Raggett (KCH), 3 Eoin Deely (KCH).
Boys’ Under-19 high jump: 1 Peter Dunne (G).
Boys’ Under-12 shot: 1 Aidan Keating (G), 2 Niall Hickey (KCH), 3 Noah Deneiffe (G).
Boys’ Under-13 shot: 1 James Bergin (KCH), 2 Harry Morrissey (SS), 3 Hugh Quirke (BR).
Boys’ Under-14 shot: 1 Eli Dunne (BR), 2 Shane Morrissey (SS), 3 Ben Wallis (SS).
Boys’ Under-16 shot: 1 Tadgh Connolly (SS), 2 Joe Roche (SS), 3 Luke Dunne (KCH).
Boys’ Under-17 shot: 1 David Byrne (G), 2 Eoin Murphy (G).
Boys’ Under-19 shot: 1 Andrew Buggy (BR), 2 Peter Dunne (G).
Boys’ Under-12 relay: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 Gowran.
Boys’ Under-13 relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s, 3 KCH.
Boys’ Under-15 relay: 1 KCH, 2 St Senan’s, 3 KCH.
Boys’ Under-17 relay: 1 KCH.
Girls’ Under-12 60m: 1 Molly Daly (KCH), 2 Sara Foley (SJ), 3 Clodagh O’Callaghan (KCH).
Girls’ Under-13 60m: 1 Eve Dunphy (SS), 2 Hannah Quinn (KCH), 3 Grace Delahunty (KCH).
Girls’ Under-14 60m: 1 Juliette Evans (SS), 2 Blaithin Holden (KCH), 3 Ruth Fogarty (G).
Girls’ Under-15 60m: 1 Sophia Kerr (CC), 2 Amelie Foley (KCH), 3 Ella Delahunty (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 60m: 1 Katie Taylor (SJ), 2 Jennifer Oboh (KCH), 3 Tara Maguire (KCH).
Girls’ Under-17 60m: 1 Sophie Mullally (SJ), 2 Niamh O’Connor (SJ).
Girls’ Under-19 60m: 1 Linda Lawlor (SJ), 2 Ellen Purcell (G), 3 Ellen Ryan (TT).
Girls’ Under-15 200m: 1 Sophia Kerr (CC), 2 Lorna Kenny (KCH), 3 Ella Delahunty (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 200m: 1 Katie Taylor (SJ), 2 Jennifer Oboh (KCH), 3 Tara Maguire (KCH).
Girls’ Under-17 200m: 1 Clodagh Monahan (SS).
Girls’ Under-19 200m: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Ellen Ryan (TT), 3 Orla O’Keeffe (TT).
Girls’ Under-12 600m: 1 Molly Daly (KCH), 2 Clodagh O’Callaghan (KCH), 3 Lily Ryan (SJ).
Girls’ Under-13 600m: 1 Pia Langton (KCH), 2 Eve Dunphy (SS), 3 Charlotte Carpendale (SS).
Girls’ Under-14 800m: 1 Orla Kirwan (TT), 2 Caoimhe Phelan (SS), 3 Grace Glennon (SJ).
Girls’ Under-15 800m: 1 Maria O’Keeffe (TT), 2 Sophia Kerr (CC), 3 Abby O’Brien (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 800m: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Eleanor Goddin (KCH), 3 Ciara Mullally (SJ).
Girls’ Under-17 800m: 1 Aine Kirwan (TT), 2 Hannah O’Keeffe (TT), 3 Clodagh Monahan (SS).
Girls’ Under-19 1,500m: 1 Tara Ramsawmy (SS), 2 Sophie Jackman (SS), 3 Aoife Allen (SS).
Girls’ Under-12 hurdles: 1 Ailbhe Steger (G), 2 Laura Leahy (KCH), 3 Sarah Foley (SJ).
Girls’ Under-13 hurdles 1 Roisin Burns (KCH), 2 Cliona O’Connor (KCH), 3 Chloe Lynch (G).
Girls’ Under-14 hurdles: 1 Blaithin Holden (KCH), 2 Ellie Maher (KCH), 3 Rachel O’Neill (G).
Girls’ Under-15 hurdles: 1 Orla Kenny (KCH), 2 Ashling Fitzpatrick (G).
Girls’ Under-16 hurdles: 1 Rachel Leahy (KCH).
Girls’ Under-17 hurdles: 1 Clodagh Monahan (SS).
Girls’ Under-19 hurdles: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Ellen Purcell (G), 3 Sophie Jackman (SS).
Girls’ Under-14 walk: 1 Ava Mullally (SJ).
Girls’ Under-15 walk: 1 Sophie Monahan (SS), 2 Niamh Cuddihy (SJ).
Girls’ Under-17 walk: 1 Niamh O’Connor (SJ).
Girls’ Under-12 long jump: 1 Ashling Coverdale (TT), 2 Ruth Crowley (KCH), 3 Ailbhe Steiger (G).
Girls’ Under-13 long jump: 1 Ella Wall (KCH), 2 Roisin Burns (KCH), 3 Hannah Quinn (KCH).
Girls’ Under-14 long jump: 1 Grace Glennon (SJ), 2 Laura Challenor (TT), 3 Aoife Healy (KCH).
Girls’ Under-15 long jump: 1 Amelia Tuohy (KCH), 2 Abbie O’Brien (KCH), 3 Ella Delahunty (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 long jump: 1 Katie Taylor (SJ), 2 Rachel Leahy (KCH), 3 Erin Foley (SJ).
Girls’ Under-17 long jump: 1 Niamh O’Connor (SJ), 2 Isabelle Ryan (TT), 3 Anna Cass (TT).
Girls’ Under-19 long jump: 1 Jennifer Leahy (KCH), 2 Sophie Jackman (SS), 3 Orla O’Keeffe (SS).
Girls’ Under-12 high jump: 1 Abbey Steger (G), 2 Clodagh O’Callaghan (KCH), 3 Keelin Byrne (SJ).
Girls’ Under-13 high jump: 1 Eve Dunphy (SS), 2 Chloe Lynch (G), 3 Roisin Burns (KCH).
Girls’ Under-14 high jump: 1 Emily Smith (KCH), 2 Gabriella Derlach Nasciemento (KCH), 3 Blaithin Hogan (KCH).
Girls’ Under-15 high jump: 1 Abby O’Brien (KCH), 2 Katlyn Hennessey (KCH), 3 Isabella Bourke (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 high jump: 1 Saoirse Allen (SS), 2 Eleanor Goddin (KCH), 3 Rachel Leahy (KCH).
Girls’ Under-17 high jump: 1 Isobel Ryan (TT).
Girls’ Under-12 shot: 1 Roisin Healy (BR), 2 Orla Brennan (G), 3 Megan O’Reilly (TT).
Girls’ Under-13 shot: 1 Rachel Gardiner (G), 2 Cara Duggan (KCH), 3 Caoimhe O’Brien (BR).
Girls’ Under-14 shot: 1 Anna Brennan (G), 2 Charlotte Hutchinson (BR), 3 Juliet Evans (SS).
Girls’ Under-15 shot: 1 Libby Murphy (SS), 2 Kaylan Doyle (SJ), 3 Katelyn Hennessey (KCH).
Girls’ Under-16 shot: 1 Aoife Byrne (SJ), 2 Tara Maguire (KCH), 3 Giselinda Greevic (KCH).
Girls’ Under-17 shot: 1 Niamh O’Connor (SJ).
Girls’ Under-19 shot: 1 Nell Murphy (SS).
Girls’ Under-12 relays: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 St Joseph’s.
Girls’ Under-13 relays: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 St Senan’s.
Girls’ Under-15 relays: 1 KCH, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 KCH.
Girls’ Under-17 relays: 1 KCH, 2 KCH, 3 Thomastown.
Girls’ Under-19 relays: 1 Thomastown, 2 St Senan’s, 3 St Joseph’s.
Senior Men’s 60m: 1 David Murphy (G), 2 Jonathan Crowley (SS), 3 Adam Kelly (BR).
Senior Men’s 200m: 1 David Murphy (G), 2 Jonathan Crowley (SS).
Senior Men’s 1,500m: 1 Jonathan Crowley (SS).
Senior Men’s long jump: 1 Adam Kelly (BR), 2 Patrick Darcy (BR).
Senior Men’s shot: 1 Patrick Darcy (BR), 2 Adam Kelly (BR).
Senior Men’s weight for distance: 1 Sean Maher (BR), 2 Patrick Darcy (BR), 3 Andrew Buggy (BR).
Senior Men’s relay: 1 St Senan’s.
Senior Women’s 60m: 1 Joya Burns (KCH).
Senior Women’s 1,500m: 1 Tracey Malone (SJ).
Senior Women’s shot: 1 Emma Fenlon (SJ), 2 Tracey Malone (SJ).
Senior Women’s weight for distance: 1 Emma Fenlon (SJ).
Senior Women’s walk: 1 Tracey Malone (SJ).
Masters Men’s 60m: 1 Brian McMahon (KR), 2 Liam Fogarty (G), 3 Derek McLoughlin (KR).
Masters Men’s 200m: 1 Brian McMahon (KR), 2 John Barron (KR).
Masters Men’s 1,500m: 1 Phillip Fennelly (KR).
Masters Men’s hurdles: 1 Brian McMahon (KR), 2 John Barron (KR), 3 Alan Clarke (KR).
Masters Men’s long jump: 1 John Barron (KR), 2 Brian McMahon (KR), 3 Phillip Fennelly (KR).
Masters Men’s shot: 1 Joe Kelly (BR).
Masters Men’s weight for distance: 1 Joe Kelly (BR), 2 Murty Kelly (BR), 3 David Denieffe (G).
Masters Men’s relay: 1 Kings River.
Masters Women’s 60m: 1 Kate Millea (KCH), 2 Mag Kirwan (KR).
Masters Women’s 200m: 1 Kate Millea (KCH).
Masters Women’s 1,500m: 1 Kate Millea (KCH), 2 Mag Kirwan (KR), 3 Joya Burns (KCH).
Masters Women’s hurdles: 1 Verona Fenlon (SJ).
Masters Women’s walk: 1 Brid Lawlor (SJ).
Masters Women’s long jump: 1 Verona Fenlon (SJ).
Masters Women’s shot: 1 Verona Fenlon (SJ), 2 Brid Lawlor (SJ), 3 Mary Breen (SJ).
Masters Women’s weight for distance: 1 Mary Breen (SJ), 2 Brid Lawlor (SJ).
Masters Women’s relay: 1 KCH.

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