Street Food Market in Thomastown

Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny Thomastown School of Food Street Market

Join us for our School of Food Street Food Market on Sunday from 12 to 3pm. Over the past 11 weeks our chef students have been developing their own food product to debut at our Springtime Market.

We’ll have delicious Sushi, Chickpea Tenders, Langos (savoury garlic and cheese bread), Mexican Empanadas, Vietnamese Bun Cha, Baked Potatoes, Tamarind Chicken with Pilaf Rice, Halloumi Kebabs, Vegan Chilli Bowls, South African Sausage Rolls, Banoffie Tartlets, South African Bunny Chow, Ann’s Sweet Table, Anu’s Nigerian Drinks, Chapman and more. We will also have Joan and Bob’s Juicy Jams, Costellos Beer and Yoga for Kids.