Love Island – Tension in the bedroom as islanders discuss ‘danger zone’

Love Island – Tension in the bedroom as islanders discuss ‘danger zone’

Maura: “I’m keeping my hands to myself… it’s tough in here”

It’s a new day in the villa and in the kitchen, Arabella is explaining the “danger zone” to Lucie, Anton and Jordan. She says: “When you’re in bed smooching but you can’t have sex, I feel like that is between a 6 and a 10 [in the danger zone]. When you pet someone, that is a 1. I feel like it’s building up. Last night, we were at a 6 and now I’m at an 8 and I’m thinking, I don’t want to get to that 10.”

In the Beach Hut, Arabella says: “The danger zone is about kissing and I feel like 1-5 is your classic in the day, having a little kiss. I feel like 5-10 is when you’re in bed, 10 being you’re in that danger zone and stuff could go down.”

Anton jokes: “Look guys I’m not going to lie, I can’t remember what it’s like to be past a 5, I got a tickle in the back and that was a 6 for me!”

Jordan says of he and Anna’s bedroom antics: “There was a bit of bump and grind but no explicit action… per se… but I can’t promise there won’t be.”

Maura and Anna are catching up on the terrace. Anna also joins in the sexual frustration debate. She says of being in a bed with Jordan: “It’s hard… it was passionate let’s just say, and frustrating.”

Maura says: “I’m keeping my hands to myself… it’s tough in here.”

Anna says: “I do like Jordan you know, it’s weird. Every day I like him more and every day I find him more attractive. I look at him and think ‘You’re so cute.’”

Maura says: “He definitely likes you, without a doubt.”

In the garden, Arabella and Lucie do some yoga to try and relieve some tension while the boys watch on. 

Maura notices from afar that Tom is also watching the girls do yoga. She tells Anna: “I wish Tom would put his tongue back into his mouth, he keeps staring over at the girls.”



Amy and Curtis are eating their breakfast in the garden. 

Danny and Arabella look over from the kitchen and Danny says, “With Curtis and Amy, they are just goals.”

Arabella says: “They’re like a married couple over there, having their breakfast.”

Later in the garden, Amy is chatting to the girls about Curtis. 

She tells Lucie and Molly-Mae: “I don’t want to wish my life away because I’m really grateful for this experience but now I’m like, I want to get out now and start living our life together… My Godsons are going to utterly adore him.”

Molly-Mae says: “It’s so nice for you to be thinking about that and him meeting your family.”

Amy continues: “And hopefully the Godson who is only one, will always know us as Auntie Amz and Curtis.”

Molly-Mae says: “That is serious!”

Lucie adds: “That is nearly marriage talk.”

Elsewhere in the villa, Anna and Jordan are on the daybeds.

Jordan tells Anna about a conversation he’d had with Tom the night before about his coupling with Maura. 

Jordan says to Anna: “Obviously this has got to stay between me and you because he told me in confidence… He said that he feels that Maura is not his usually type and sometimes when she says stuff in the group, it makes him cringe a bit which sort of puts him off her. But it’s still a bit of a problem and he wants a girl that is into fitness so, I feel like if another girl came in he would definitely be open to speaking to new people.”

Anna says: “But has he told her?”

Jordan replies: “I don’t think so. That’s what I mean, I wonder if it would be better if he just told her the things.”

That night on the terrace, Anna feels she should tell Maura about her earlier conversation with Jordan and tries to warn Maura she needs to speak to Tom about their coupling.

Anna says: “Obviously you’re my girl and I want to be there for you. I feel like Tom and Jordan go to each other for advice so I think he is just asking Jordan for advice. I think it’s best you and Tom talk about it and get your feelings out there. But I don’t want you to go in there completely not knowing what is going on… He asked Jordan for advice on your compatibility.”

Maura replies: “Why is he asking Jordan for advice on that when it’s such early days, we are still getting to know each other… So obviously he is writing it off before we get to know each other… It’s the fact that he’s not once ever said it to me.”

Anna tells Maura not to bring Jordan into anything if she does confront Tom because Anna doesn’t want Jordan to think she has broken his trust.

Maura reassures her that she won’t reveal how she got in the inside knowledge but for her own sake needs to speak to Tom to find out where she stands.

Maura says in the Beach Hut: “I want to know what Tom said. To be honest with you, I don’t want to be sharing a bed with someone that might have talked rubbish about me. Something bad has been said, I know that for a fact and I’m going to find out.”

As Amy is thinking of her future with Curtis, Maura seems to be doubting her coupling with Tom so what does the future hold for these couples?



Molly-Mae gets a text. She reads: “Islanders, it’s time to find out what the public really think in today’s challenge. #BreakTheInternet #Buzzing”

Maura says: “I am so excited, that has really livened me up!”

In today’s challenge - Online Buzz - the Islanders will find out what the public have been saying about them on Twitter. The Islanders will play in their couples with Lucie and Anton hosting.

In each round, Lucie or Anton will read out a viewer’s tweet but it will have a number of words blanked out. If the couples think they know the right answer, they can buzz in and take a guess. If they answer correctly they score a point. If they guess wrong the other couples get a chance to buzz in and get a point.

Some of the tweets include: 

“What BLANK said about Molly playing a game was bang on”

How will Molly-Mae react to the idea of someone in the villa thinking she is playing a game?

Another tweet reads: “BLANK and BLANK are meant to be, look at them.”

Maura guesses “CURTIS and AMY” which is incorrect.

Anna guesses “AMBER and MICHAEL” which is also incorrect.

Curtis guesses “TOMMY and MOLLY” which is also incorrect.

It is revealed that the tweet says TOMMY and LUCIE are meant to be. Everyone seems shocked but also know that Tommy and Lucie have always had a bond. How will this revelation go down in the villa?

Another tweet is “BLANK is buff. Michael is BLANK by Amber. And BLANK is the perfect man.”

Tom guesses: “ANTON is buff. Michael is WHIPPED by Amber. And CURTIS is the perfect man.”

He got two answers correct – WHIPPED and CURTIS.

In the Beach Hut, Amber admits: “I didn’t realise I had Michael WHIPPED but if I do, I’m happy about it!”

When Michael reacts to being called ‘whipped’, Lucie teases him: “I would say you are melted on the floor like a puddle!”

But who do the public think is BUFF?

Another tweet is: “Nah BLANK deserves more than BLANK she doesn’t like him, she likes 50k”

Tom guesses the blanks may be TOMMY and MOLLY-MAE – which is correct.

In the Beach Hut, Molly-Mae says: “Wow. I’m actually fuming. I’m annoyed because I just feel like to bring money into it, what am I meant to say? I’m speechless to be honest.”

How will Tommy react to this?

And now the Islanders have learnt what Twitter thinks, it’s their opportunity to respond and reveal their truth.


Following the challenge, Molly-Mae is still fuming that the public think she is only after money.

She tells Arabella and Maura how she’s feeling. Molly-Mae says: “There were two digs about me playing a game.”

Maura tells her: “Stop caring. You are amazing, you are unique and there are so many jealous people out there. If everyone liked you, it would be weird.”

Meanwhile Tommy is on the beanbags and asks the boys what they think. He says: “You don’t think she’s playing a game do you?”

Danny tells him: “We’d tell you.”

When Tommy asks Anton if he thinks Molly-Mae is playing a game now, Anton replies: “It’s not for me to say, mate, it’s got nothing to do with me. You know what your relationship is like, it’s not for me to say.”

Is Anton’s reaction planting doubts in Tommy’s mind?

On the terrace, Maura, Arabella and Lucie are reflecting on the challenge. Maura asks Lucie what she thinks about the public believing that she and Tommy are “meant to be.”

Lucie says: “It’s mad because I’ve had friends as guys and at stages, I have actually ended up dating them at the end.”

Maura asks if that could ever happen with Tommy and asks “Never say never?”

Lucie replies: “We can say that. Obviously we get on.”

In the Beach Hut, Lucie elaborates: “Obviously I went on a date with him so I was considering it back then so I mean, you can never really say never. Sometimes when you’re best friends with guys, sometimes you end up together so I’m never going to say ‘No.’”

As night falls, the challenge revelations are still rippling through the villa.

Curtis raises a glass to the Islanders and says: “Guys, I want to say for every one bad comment, there are a million good comments. We are all good people.”

Molly-Mae jokes: “I’m a money grabber!”

And the Islanders laugh and raise their glasses “To money grabbers!”

Later, Tommy takes Lucie to the fire pit to discuss the perception that they are “meant to be.”

He tells Lucie: “I do really genuinely like Molly-Mae, she hasn’t got a problem with us hanging out and being a friendship but there are boundaries and there is a line… She is the jealous type, she has stated that to me but she’s not jealous in a way because there is nothing going on here and we are strictly friends and everybody knows that.”

Lucie says: “I get that and that’s why I’ve kept my distance... I can see you both happy so I’m glad it actually worked.”

Meanwhile, Molly-Mae tells Amy how she feels about the suggestion that Lucie and Tommy are “meant to be” when she is coupled up with the boxer.

Molly-Mae says: “Obviously I don’t think there is an issue, I don’t think there’s anything I need to be worried about but at the same time they are very close and if it’s coming across to people that they are meant to be, I don’t want it to be coming across like I’m being mugged off right in front of my eyes or that they look like they’re flirting.”


Curtis later pulls Molly-Mae for a chat about everything. 

Curtis says: “What’s come up in the challenge is unexpected. I felt, ever since the start, you came in and you were going between three guys so you could understand why people felt [that] because I thought you were as well... I have no doubts whatsoever but then I have heard a couple of things so I thought I’d ask you… Tommy truly really likes you, Tommy really does so now I’m just going to be talking as a friend of Tommy’s, if anything is ever going to happen please just be truthful with him because he will be able to live with that, just don’t go behind his back.”

How will Molly-Mae feel about being confronted by Tommy’s best pal and how does her relationship with Tommy lie?

Love Island is on Virgin Media Two at 9pm

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