Join in our virtual Kilkenny St Patrick's Day Parade! - Photographs only!

Send in your pictures!

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Kilkenny Kilkenny

Siobhán Donohoe wearing green for our virtual St Patrick's Day Parade!

The St Patrick's Day Parade is cancelled this year for Kilkenny, a sensible step as we all try to stay health and protect our families from the coronavirus Covid-19.

But many of us were all set to dress up in green, wear shamrocks, put on that green top hat that only sees the light of day once a year - and it's disappointing not to be able to have the fun we had planned. 

So we have an idea. Let's have a virtual St Patrick's Day Parade! 

If you had outfits ready - dress up and send us a photograph! You, your kids, even your dog can get dressed up in green and pose for the camera. (And you won't even have to go out in the wind and rain!)

Let's have some fun while we're at home. Get your photographs in to PICTURES@KILKENNYPEOPLE.IE over the weekend and mark this unique St Patrick's Day 2020!

You can also send us your pics from parades past! Here's one from the early 1980s taken for the Kilkenny People by photographer Michael Brophy!