246 points

246 points

The local boys school, the Aislinn Treatment Centre, Heather Court Hotel, Sportsman’s Bar, The Corner House, Fitzpatrick’s Bar, Credit Union and a Ceder of Lebanon that “certainly adds glamour to the skyline of the town” are some of the features of Ballyragget that were singled out for praise by the Tidy Towns adjudicators in their 2011 report.

It complimented residents who displayed hanging baskets and the “individual enterprising spirit (that) prompted someone to plant a lovely bed of roses by the Castlecomer approach road”, although it said: “One would wish the Garda Station to improve its appearance.”

On the subject of wildlife and natural amenities, the report found that “progress in this section seems to be slow as you attempt to come to terms with it” and in the area of litter it said: “There is litter on the approach roads. Someone even sinned in the Church car park by dropping litter. But there is no litter or dumping around the Bring Centre and no sign of dumping.”

“Congratulations to the school on achieving Green Flag Status,” the adjudicator wrote. “Hopefully this achievement will influence the families of the children involved in waste reduction.”

Derelict buildings were also something that caught the adjudicator’s attention. “You may have to take action on the condition of derelict buildings and their tidiness impact on their surroundings. This is an area in which there is potential for improvement for Ballyragget, especially at the old bridge area. But without disturbing wildlife habitats.”

It ended on a positive note with encouragement for next year: “The enthusiasm of your submission will be enough encouragement for the adjudicator to revisit Ballyragget in the future just to see the progress. For progress there will be. Pick a few areas to work on for 2011 into 2012. Make these projects specific and achievable.”