VIDEO: Kilkenny man's video about quitting his job and travelling the world goes viral

Niall Doherty left his office job in 2010 and never looked back

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


A video telling the story of a Kilkenny man who quit his office job seven years ago and set off in search of adventure has gone viral on Facebook.

Slieverue man Niall Doherty packed in his 9-5 and took off, experiencing things and seeing parts of the world that most people never will. His five-minute video has clocked up thousands of views in just three days and has now been shared hundreds times on the social network. 

“The response has been great,” says Niall.

“Seems a lot of people like the idea of quitting their job to travel the world. I wanted to make this video to show them that it’s actually very doable.”

The video opens with seven-year-old footage of Doherty sitting in his office cubicle. “I’m quitting my job tomorrow,” he tells the camera.

“I’m going off and starting my own business, and I’m going to travel a lot in the next few years.”

The rest of the video showcases photos and video clips from Doherty’s travels to more than 45 countries since 2010, with upbeat music and a rhyming voiceover.

"I sailed for five days, saw paradise,” he tells viewers, as a photo of a tropical island appears. Next comes an image of Doherty sitting in a cave in Nepal, face-to-face with a holy man. There are also scenes of Niall swimming in the Amazon, visiting Machu Picchu, skydiving, bungee jumping, riding motorcycles, crossing the Pacific Ocean on a cargo ship, and trying stand-up comedy.

He says he's 'collected many memories, but ne'er a regret'. The video ends with a message Doherty hopes viewers will find inspirational:

"For those of you wondering, should you quit your job too.
I’m not saying you should, but I’ll say this much to you:
You have to take chances, for your dreams to come true.
'Cause taking no risks, is the riskiest thing you can do.”

Niall now writes books, builds websites, and helps people get started working online. His website can be found here.