WATCH: DJ Carey delivers a killer blow to Jamie Redknapp

The show airs this Thursday, 18 October at 9pm on Sky One

Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny People Reporter


In the series finale of A League of Their Own, Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Rob Beckett head to Nowlan Park for the ultimate penalty challenge. The trio, under the watchful eye of Kilkenny hurling legend DJ Carey, take part in a halftime hurling challenge as Kilkenny take on Wexford to a crowd of over 20,000.
With the pressure on to perform in front of a crowd the lads undertake a training session on one of the hottest days of the year with DJ Carey that morning ahead of the big clash and it isn’t long before DJ separates the men from the boys.
Speaking about cricketer Freddie Flintoff, DJ said: “He’s big, strong, athletic and a good striker of the ball so I think Fred will really pick this up pretty easy.”
Jamie, on the other hand, was finding the whole experience a bit frustrating. Complaining about Freddie, he said: “Every single challenge we do it ends up being something that Freddie is good at. He's definitely done this [hurling] before. 100%.”
Jamie’s defeatist attitude doesn’t go unnoticed by DJ with the 15-time All-Ireland hurling Champion commenting: “Jamie was a bit moany. I think as a coach you need to put a guy in his place.”
And put him in his place he does! With Jamie obviously struggling and getting hot under the collar in the practice session, comedian Rob Beckett turns to DJ Carey to see if they can make things easier on Jamie: “He’s really getting the hump. Can we do something he’s good at?”  to which DJ retorts ‘like what? Sun bathing is it?’
DJ’s quick quip prompts scenes of laughter from Freddie and Rob with Freddie high-fiving DJ for putting Jamie firmly back in his place.
It’s all to compete for as the lads enter the pitch at half-time but who will have what it takes to score against one of Wexford's greatest ever goalkeepers, Damien Fitzhenry, and who will fail to score a point on the leader board?? Find out this Thursday (18 October) at 9pm when the series finale of ‘A League Of Their Own’ airs on Sky One and streaming service NOW TV.