VIDEO: Emergency services attend scene of another collision at Goresbridge junction

A pregnant woman was in one of the vehicles

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


A pregnant woman was among those involved in the latest road traffic collision at the well-known Murphy's Cross junction in Goresbridge.

The incident occurred yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Gardaí and fire and rescue services attended the scene, and two people were taken to St Luke's Hospital.

The junction has been the scene of numerous collisions in recent years. Only in September of last year, one vehicle was left on its side following a road traffic incident.

Local man Denis Hynes, who has been nominated to represent the Labour Party in the next General Election, says it's urgent that safety measures are carried out.

"I am sick and tired of the response I've been getting to date from the local authorities," he said.

"I met the engineer before Christmas, and subsequently spoke to him, and he assures me that in February, if funding is available, they will have a look at safety measures at the cross."

Mr Hynes also criticised the area's local councillors, who he says haven't done enough to improve safety at the junction. He says he wanted to make a presentation to the council on the matter, but was prevented from doing so.

"These three councillors thought they knew best and that the few miserable lines painted on the road in November was sufficient, despite me arguing otherwise," he said.

Mr Hynes said there had been numerous incidents in recent months, and it's time something was done.

"This is not about politics or personalities, it's about saving lives," he said.