Christmas Greeting from Kilkenny

A Christmas message from Kilkenny's Secret Santa

Siobhan Donohoe


Siobhan Donohoe


John Holohan has raised over €250,000 euro for the Temple Street Children’s Hospital in the past twelve years as 'Secret Santa'.

He has brought magic and joy to a countless number of children. Every winter, John shuts down his workshop in November and becomes Santa Claus during the month of December with his true to life reindeers and sleigh. To experience the excitement and joy on the faces of the children when Santa comes to town is a tonic in itself.

John also won the deserving title of the Kilkenny People 'Person of the Year' Award in November. Read more about John Holohan in 'Day of the Life of Secret Santa' out on Monday (23rd December) for the Kilkenny People's Christmas week read.