'You're Some Trucker' - Kilkenny man's new song released on Friday

VIDEO: Seamus Moore no stranger to songs about machinery and vehicles

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Kilkenny man Seamus Moore is no stranger to singing songs about machinery and vehicles.

Some of his biggest hits featured JCBs, Honda 50s and Transit vans. In keeping in the light-hearted, fun vein, the veteran country singer - now resident in London for over 43 years - hits the road with his new single ‘You’re Some Trucker’.

‘You’re Some Trucker’ was written by Derek Ryan and Gerry Carney, with Seamus later asking Derek could he record it.

“I was instantly drawn to the song after seeing the reaction Derek Ryan received for it on Facebook," he says.

"It was a big 10-4 from me and just right for my audience”.

Seamus has a knack for writing and singing songs with a fun element and double meaning, which can be heard blasting from pubs and big wheeler truck stops up and down the country. Having celebrated 30 years in the music business and selling lorry loads of his 17 albums and 10 DVDs, the former London publican has a huge following. His song ‘Honda 50’ has reached over 2.3 million views on YouTube.

Seamus’ biggest gig of the year is the annual National Ploughing Championship, where he performs each day for six hours to upwards of 180,000 people. His new album You’re Some Trucker HRCD 1011 is available from Chart Music Dublin.

For free download of the new track, click here.

'You’re Some Trucker' was released only on Friday on the Hazel Entertainments label and is available for iTunes download now.