Happy St Patrick's Day - from Kilkenny Hurler Lt Paul Murphy and his colleagues serving in the Lebanon

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


It's hard to be away from your friends and family on special days.

This year a strong contingent of Kilkenny men and women are serving with the United Nations UNIFIL group in South Lebanon and UNDOF in Syria - neither a hurling stronghold!

Today they have sent a message home to all their families and friends.

St Patrick’s day messages from South Lebanon and Syria include Kilkenny hurler Lt Paul Murphy, Comdt Ken Sheehan who’s wife is working as a nurse in front line services tackling Covid-19 and the Officer Commanding each unit.

The video includes (in order of appearance): at 5 seconds Lt Col Robert Hurley - Officer Commanding,  115 Infantry Battalion, IRISHPOLBATT, UNIFIL, South Lebanon.  At 36 seconds: Comdt Ken Sheehan - Staff Officer, 115 Infantry Battalion, IRISHPOLBATT, UNIFIL, South Lebanon. At 57 seconds: Lt Paul Murphy - PIO, 115 Infantry Battalion , IRISHPOLBATT, UNIFIL, South Lebanon.  At 1 Minute 7 seconds: Lt Col Oliver Dwyer, Officer Commanding, Force Reserve Company, UNDOF, Camp FAOUAR, Syria.

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all from everyone here at home in Kilkenny!