We’ll meet again – history of senior and minor replays

HISTORY was made when both Kilkenny’s senior and minor hurling finals finished level in the same championship year.

HISTORY was made when both Kilkenny’s senior and minor hurling finals finished level in the same championship year.

The first senior hurling county final was played in Kilkenny in 1887, when Tullaroan beat Mooncoin by 1-1 to 0-4 (goal outweighed any number of points). However, in more than 120 years of the sport in the county, Sunday’s final was only the tenth to require a second game to determine a winner.

Only once has a second replay been needed. That was in 1927, when Mooncoin beat James Stephens in a third game. The final has failed to finish on two occasions, the first being in 1903 when a replay was ordered, but in 1979 Shamrocks were awarded the title without a replay after their game was unfinished. The history books show the final score recorded as Shamrocks 3-12, Erin’s Own 1-6.

Of the ten drawn finals six have featured city teams. Dicksboro have been involved in two drawn finals (1950, 1993) and won both replays, while O’Loughlin Gaels won their final replay in 2003. James Stephens have played in drawn finals in 1927 and 1996, winning the first and losing the second. Last Sunday’s was their third such drawn decider.

The list of drawn senior finals is:

1903 - Threecastles 0-3, Kilmanagh 0-2.

Game unfinished - replay ordered. Replay: Threecastles 2-10, Kilmanagh 0-5.

1927 - James Stephens 4-2, Mooncoin 3-2.

Mooncoin scored a goal with the last puck of the game, but referee ruled time was up. James Stephens agreed to a replay.

The first replay was Mooncoin 2-4, James Stephens 1-3 but the game was unfinished due to heavy rain. In a second replay Mooncoin won by 2-4 to 2-2.

1929 - Mooncoin 3-2, Carrickshock 3-2.

Replay: Mooncoin 5-1, Carrickshock 3-3

1945 - Eire Og 2-7, Carrickshock 4-4.

Replay: Eire Og 4-8, Carrickshock 1-7.

1950 - Dicksboro 3-17, Eire Og 6-8.

Replay: Dicksboro 4-6, Eire Og 1-5.

1980 - Shamrocks 3-10, Muckalee/Ballyfoyle Rangers 2-13.

Replay: Shamrocks 3-13, Muckalee/Ballyfoyle Rangers 1-10

1993 - Dicksboro 0-12, Fenians 0-12.

Replay: Dicksboro 2-9, Fenians 1-9.

1996 - Young Irelands 2-10, James Stephens 0-16.

Replay: Young Irelands 3-9, James Stephens 2-10.

2003 - O’Loughlin Gaels 3-9, Young Irelands 2-12.

Replay: O’Loughlin Gaels 2-12, Young Irelands 2-10.

2011 - James Stephens 1-8, Shamrocks 0-11.

Minor draws

Kilkenny’s first Minor Roinn A hurling county final was played in 1927. Sunday’s final was only the fifth minor decider to go to a replay and the first time in 19 years that the teams will have to play again to secure the Joyce Memorial Cup.

Of the five drawn finals, Thomastown have featured in three. Sunday’s was the first time Bennettsbridge have featured in a drawn minor Roinn A hurling final.

Two minor county finals failed to finish. The games were in 1959, when Thomastown were awarded the title and again in 1970 when James Stephens took the spoils.

The list of drawn minor finals is:

1932 - Eire Og 2-3, John Lockes 2-3.

Replay: Eire Og 8-4, John Lockes 4-4.

1973 - Dicksboro 1-9, Thomastown 1-9.

Replay: Dicksboro 4-7, Thomastown 2-5.

1975 - Thomastown 4-10, Erin’s Own 5-7.

Replay: Thomastown 2-6, Erin’s Own 0-10.

1992 - James Stephens 1-10, Graig/Blacks & Whites 0-13.

Replay: James Stephens 2-9, Graig/Blacks & Whites 1-9.

2011 - Thomastown 0-10, Bennettsbridge 0-10.