Delays in rolling out broadband hurting rural Kilkenny

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Kilkenny City Hall.

A local councillor has said the lack of broadband in rural Kilkenny is a serious problem and must be addressed urgently.

At the September meeting of the Kilkenny City Municipal District, Cllr David Kennedy (SF) lamented the slowness at which broadband is being rolled out to rural parts of the county. Director of services Tim Butler had had a meeting with Eir beforehand.

“I'm hearing about national broadband for 12-15 years, and I just don't hold my breath,” said Cllr Kennedy.

Cllr Matt Doran agreed that things were taking too long.

“Likewise, every area I represent is still waiting on improvements,” he said, adding that people were having to travel into central areas to access the broadband.

“There are people who could operate or work from home who are having to travel to Dublin five days a week instead. It's not the council's fault, but it is not good enough, and they are really going to have to do better.”

Cllr Michael Doyle said he supported the sentiments of his fellow councillors.

“It's false promises at this stage,” he said.

“They need to start working harder. There are enough problems in rural Ireland, and this should have been invested in by now.”