New lease of life for abandoned dog that was left close to death

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


New lease of life for abandoned dog that was left close to death

Mary Cody @marygcody

A starving whippet found abandoned on the side of the road has been nursed back to full health showing that love, care and affection can heal almost all wounds.

Maisie P was discovered by a woman close to her home, a few miles outside of Kilkenny City. She was immediately brought to a local vet and her leg was amputated and she was given a new home and a loving family who dote and care for her.

“I found her near our house wandering in the middle of the road with her severely injured leg so neglected that the limb was rotted and she smelled like she should be dead.

“There was infection dripping from her injury and she had mange not to mention that she was underweight due to severe malnourishment,” she said.

“Maisie Pepper is a survivor of the most brutal neglect and cruelty and I would love for people to see how she looked when we found her and how beautiful and healthy she looks now, showing how it is possible to bring these unfortunate creatures back to life with the help of a compassionate vet, and plenty of love and commitment with her aftercare,”.

Maisie P is now a full integrated member of her new family and has made a full recovery and is very active on her three legs.

“We were very lucky to have support from KSPCA, and fantastic care advise from a local veterinary hospital nurse.

“Maisie P is part of the family now and is the most gentle, most loving dog I have ever come across. She now shows her character and is full of fun. She loves to play ball with the apples in our orchard and bizarrely enjoys eating them afterwards,” she added.