Kilkenny has more than 3,500 vacant dwellings

Vacancy rate of 9% is a reduction on Census 2011 figure

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Kilkenny has more than 3,500 vacant dwellings

Sam Matthews @SamAMatthewsKP

There are 3,546 vacant dwellings in Kilkenny, including 379 vacant apartments, according to new data from Census 2016.

The results published today show that the vacancy rate in Kilkenny stands at 9% — one percent higher than the rate for Leinster as a whole, but still less than the 12.3% for the State. It also includes 551 vacant holiday homes.

However, the figure is a reduction of almost 3% from 2011, when 4,624 vacant dwellings were recorded.

The Census data also reveals that Kilkenny’s housing stock grew by less than one percent since the previous Census — to 39,226 up from 39,005 in April 2011.

Kilkenny had 34,743 permanent occupied dwellings in April 2016, compared with 33,583 in April 2011.

The rate of increase was 3.5%, which was considerably slower than the 2006-2011 rate of 13.9%. At a State level, there were 1,697,665 permanent housing units occupied at the time of the census, an increase of 2.9% (48,257) since April 2011.

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