Level of farm deaths is highest of all occupations

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



Safety first

At the IFA safety event at Cillin Hill were l to r: Joe Kelly, IFA; Simon Doocey, FBD; Sgt Michelle Lawlor; John Bambrick IFA, Maura Canning, IFA; Sgt Peter McConnon, Paddy Carey IFA

With just over a month left in the year, the farming fraternity are still mourning the two people who lost their lives in farm accidents in Kilkenny.
So much for the idyllic picture painted of farming - it continues to be the most hazardous occupation in Ireland, consistently reporting the highest number of fatalities in comparison to other sectors over the last number of years and it shows no sign of improving, particularly in Kilkenny.
At a national conference on farm safety held last week it was shown there has been a shift in the last number of years towards fatalities amongst older people in agriculture.