10 ewes killed

Serious sheep kill in Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



Sheep kill

Sheep killed by marauding dogs

A second serious sheep kill in the last number of weeks, by marauding dogs, has prompted action from Kilkenny County Council.
At least seven sheep were killed and three seriously injured in the incident last Wednesday in Danesfort, four miles from the city.
The worry is that many of the ewes in the 120 strong flock are heavily pregnant and the farmer involved fears there will be a number of still births because of the attack.
The dogs were not caught. It is the second such incident in recent weeks. 
Kilkenny County Council has reminded people of the dangers of allowing dogs access to rural areas without supervision.
Kilkenny County Council’s, Joan McLoughlin said that any breed of dog, given the opportunity, can attack sheep.
She added that dog owners are in a position to prevent all episodes of sheep worrying.
“Dogs must be kept under control at all times, preferably on a lead.
“The dog owner is liable for any damages arising and In certain situations it is legal for farmers to shoot dogs, on sight, if they are trespassing on their lands.
“Please take care of your dog and the livestock of others, and help ensure that no sheep worrying incidents occur in our county over the next few weeks,” she said.
“If your family pet is out of sight and control, for even a short period, it could become involved in a sheep attack,” she said.