Kilkenny experiences ‘wettest March in 22 years’

A record breaking month

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett


Freshford flooded again

The Johnstown Road, Freshford flooded last month

Kilkenny experienced its wettest March in 22 years on top of on the snowfall the county was hit with from Storm Emma. 

A total of 102.9mm of rain fell over the course of the month in the county. 

The March weather report for Kilkenny, compiled by Niall Dollard from Kilkenny Weather, revealed some 22.2mm fell on one day here.  

The  report said: “It was a cold month, but not quite as cold as March 2013. The coldest temperature of -5.5° was recorded at the very start of the month during the snowfall and the highest was 13.9° on the 10th. 

“There were 14 days in all when the temperature dipped below zero (against climate average of 5 days). It was also a very wet March, the wettest for 22 years. The wettest day was the 14th with 22.2mm of rain.

“It was a snowy March too with 7 days with lying snow at 9am (against a climate average of 0.3 days). The top wind gust of 72 km/hr was recorded on the 14th during the heavy rainfall.”

Speaking previously to the Kilkenny People, Mr Dollard said: “Extreme weather is happening with increasing frequency. 

“Kilkenny is warming too. Last February was a cold month but we have far more milder than normal months than colder ones. Storms and floods are the big concerns.”