Kilkenny legendary volunteer on 63rd trip to Belarus with truck load of aid

Jim Kavanagh has fellow Cats Dearbhla Donnelly, Frank and Eamon Morrissey with him

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Kilkenny volunteers with Chernobyl Children International bringing aid to Belarus

Jim Kavanagh and Dearbhla Donnelly in front with the Kilkenny team bringing aid and hope to Belarus

Some people don't know when to stop giving; caring about others, less well-off than themselves.
One of that rare bred is Jim Kavanagh from the outskirts of Kilkenny city.
He is on his 63rd humanitarian trip to Belarus where he has just delivered a huge truck load of aid.
The 69-year-old truck driver is a former Kilkenny person of the year and a member of O'Loughlin Gaels GAA club.
On this trip Jim has company; Frank Morrissey (Dicksboro GAA Club) and his brother Eamon (James Stephens GAA Club).
The two siblings will bring back a van used to deliver aid locally to orphanages and Homes of Hope spread throughout the country ravaged by a nuclear disaster in April 1986.
While 20-year-old student, Dearbhla Donnelly from Paulstown is on her first trip with the wonderful, Chernobyl Children International (CCI) which was formally established by Adi Roche in 1991 to give support and hope to children living in the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.
That explosion released just 3% of the radioactive material in the Chernobyl reactor into the atmosphere; the remaining 97%, contained only by a deteriorating concrete shell, remains inside the damaged reactor and continues to be one of the world’s most dangerous “ticking time-bombs”
The Kilkenny volunteers hope to be home for May 5 and are busy distributing aid.
The Chernobyl truck was packed full of nappies, clothes, toiletries, toys when it left the city.
All the goodies were donated to CCI in the recent Operation Nappy Appeal and delivered to Vesnova Orphanage currently home to over 200 children.
“The donations will have a dramatic impact on the lives of these special children and help to improve their living conditions,” Jim said.
He will continue to deliver aid to Belarus for as long as he is able and in the last 25 years has witnessed a huge improvement in conditions for the children in the orphanages and the Homes of Hope, where families foster children orphaned.
The Kilkenny branch of CCI will continue to bring those children who are still living in the orphanages and are special needs back to Kilkenny city and county for a much needed break for them and their carers.
Help needed
There are many ways you can partner with Chernobyl Children International.
Your donations are tax deductible. The CCI welcomes all efforts and contributions in a number of areas.

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