Kilkenny councillors' frustration over Health Minister's silence on cardiac meeting

Still no response despite requests for a regional meeting weeks ago

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


South-east cardiac care

Other than an acknowledgement, the Minister has yet to respond regarding a proposed meeting with the region's representatives

South Kilkenny councillors are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of a response from the Minister for Health over their proposal for a meeting regarding cardiac care in the south-east.

The members agreed at their February monthly meeting to write to Minister Simon Harris seeking for him to meet with the region’s elected representatives on the issue. At the May monthly meeting held on Wednesday, Cllr Pat Dunphy asked if there had been any further response on the matter.

Senior executive officer Brian Tyrrell replied that, other than an acknowledgement, there had not been.

“No. And I wrote again following the last meeting, and rang the Department directly, and I have no response,” he said.

Cllr Dunphy asked if he would mind doing it again, as the issue was important. Mr Tyrrell said he would.

Cllr Tomas Breathnach, who initially proposed the letter and asked for an update at the April meeting, said they would 'keep at it'.

Last July, the area's councillors expressed disappointment with from the Minister to calls for the provision of 24/7 cardiac care in the south-east.