24 Sept 2022

Defiant Kilkenny women remembered as they marched against conscription in 1918

Full list of over 1,000 women who signed petition against British proposals

 Defiant Kilkenny women remembered as they marched against conscription in 1918

The list of 1000 Kilkenny women who signed a pledge against conscription a hundred years ago is now available and Kilkenny Archaeological Society (KAS) is now collecting stories and photographs of the women involved in this protest in 1918.

When the British government announced plans to extend conscription to Ireland in April that year there was a general outcry - from Sinn Fein, from the Labour Party, the Irish Volunteers, Cumann na mBan, from the trade unions, from the Catholic Church, the Gaelic League, and many others.

In the early days of the First World War, Irishmen joined the army voluntarily but, since 1916, there had been a dramatic change in public opinion. But by 1918 Britain was also facing urgent demands from the Western front for more men.
Ireland responded with weeks of protest, including from groups like Cumann na mBan. But the women thought something more should be done. In Britain, women had taken men's places in the factories and on the farms when conscription was introduced. Irishwomen would refuse.
So the women marched on St Columcille’s day, 9th June 1918. Not just in Kilkenny. This was a national day of protest by women. Each town made its separate plans for the day.
In Kilkenny city, the women collected on the Sunday afternoon at 3.30pm on the Callan Road. At 4pm, they marched to the Black Abbey. Local groups from Cumann na mBan, the Girl Scouts, the Gaelic League, the Irish Drapers' Assistants' Union and Irish Clerical Workers' Union were prominent. An appeal was made to those not connected with those organisations but who were in sympathy with the movement, to 'fall in'.
From the Black Abbey they marched to the Tholsel on High Street. Two bands joined the women, the Pipers' Band and St John's Brass Band. They played Irish airs. There were hymns and prayers too. People lined the streets as the women passed.
It was at City Hall that the women wrote their names in the ledger beneath the text of a short pledge. Even though it was a Sunday, City Hall was open for the occasion.
The pledge was written in both Irish and in English. Most of the women added their addresses to their names. They were young and old. Nearly all were from Kilkenny city - Walkin St, John St, Patrick St, High St, the Butts, Michael St, etc. Few city streets were not represented.
Outside the city, the story was similar. Three hundred women marched and signed the pledge in Callan. They marched in Ballyhale. They marched in Mullinahone. They signed in Thomastown. Some women travelled into Kilkenny city 'from Castlecomer, Ballyragget, Johnswell, Threecastles, Dunmore and other faraway places to protest', as the Kilkenny People reported on 15th June 1918. 40,000 women signed in Dublin.
Somehow though, the only list of the women's signatures that survived in the entire country is the list for Kilkenny city. That list is now at Rothe House.
Two Kilkenny people, in particular, played a part in the survival of the list, Edwin Stallard and Cissie deLoughry. About thirty years ago, they donated the ledger containing the women's signatures to the archives at Rothe House. They recognised its importance.
The list of women is now on the KAS website: www.kilkennyarchaeologica
Come to Rothe House and see the ledger with its signatures on Thursday, June 7 at 8pm. Meet some other people who are collecting stories and photos of their grandmothers and great aunts. During the evening, local historian Ann Murtagh will give a short talk about the women's extraordinary protest.
The project is supported by the Decade of Centenaries strand of the Creative Ireland Programme, by Kilkenny County Council, and by Kilkenny Archaeological Society.
Further details from:
Because the enforcement of Conscription on any people without their consent is tyranny, we are resolved to resist the Conscription of Irishmen.
We will not fill the places of men deprived of their work through refusing the enforcement of Military Service.
We will do all in our power to help the families of men who suffer through refusing enforced military service.

And the full list of women, and where they were from...

No address:

Kathleen Bateman

Mrs. Agnes Brennan

Kathleen Brennan

Margaret Carrigan

Ellen Carroll

Mary Carroll

Nora Cassin

Mary Chambers

Elizabeth Cleere

Mrs M Coleman

Ellen Corcoran

Mary Kate Corcoran

Winifred Corr

Kattie Coyne

Kattie Dalton

Cecilia Delaney

Mrs. S. Delaney

Margaret Delany

Josephine Egan

Nora Finn

Bridie Gittens

Veronica Griffin

Margaret M Hackett

Margaret M Hogan

Margaret Kenny

Margaret Kinchella

Mrs Rose Lenehan

Bridie Lowry

Ellen Lowry

Peggy Lowry

Mrs. Maddigan

Sr. Rufina Mahon

Johanna McDonnell

Ellen McGuinness

Mrs. J. McSweeney

Maggie McSweeney

Annie Murphy

Nora Ní Chorcaigh

Sighle Ní Martáin

Eleanor M. O’Neill

Mrs Elizabeth M. O’Neill

Margaret Parsons

Mrs Quigley

Honora Roche

Mary Roche

Margaret Ryan

Mary Ryan

Mary Sixsmith

Bridget Smitheram

Fanny Smithwick

Janie Smithwick

Lizzie Tobin

Mary Tynan

Maggie Walshe

Kathleen Walter

Abbey St:

Katie Barry

Johanna Brennan

Mrs Ellen Buttler

Ellen Dowling

Mary Ann Dowling

Mrs Dowling

Mrs Mary Grace

Annie Laracy

Mrs H Laracy

Kathleen Laracy

Eileen Morris

Mrs Mary Morris

Mary Muldowney

Aine Ní Madagain

Maíre Ní Madagain

Mrs Kate Pattison

Mary Joe Pattison

Lizzie Slattery

Nellie Slattery

Abbey View:

Mrs Annie Cantwell

Kathleen Cantwell

Kate Grace

Archer St:

Bridget Brennan

Mary Brennan

Alice Flanagan

Mrs Hayes

Cissie Lalor

Hannah Lalor

Mary Lalor

Margaret Ryan

Archersfield House:

Mary Ellen O’Brien

Aut Even Talbot’s Inch

Miss J Cullen

Miss Mary Purcell


Maggie Durney

Maggie Durney

Mary Durney

Ballyconra, Ballyragget:

M. Dowling


Hanny Bergin

Bank of Ireland:

Kate Manogue

Barrack St:

Annie Brazil

Mrs Bright

Mai Cash

MRs Ellen Connery

Margaret Connery

Lizzie Doherty

Mrs Eva Dollard

Chrissie Farrell

Mrs Anna Johnston

Marth Johnston

Josie Keogh

Katie O’Connell

Mary O’Connell

Ciss Phelan

Bellevue Green’s Hill:

Mary Dunne

Bishop’s Hill:

Maggie Betts

Minnie Boyne

Maggie M Boyne

Hannah Coyne

Clare McDonagh

Mary Kate McDonagh

Blackmill St:

Mary Brennan

Mary jun Brennan

Alice Brophy

Catherine Brophy

Cis Brophy

Bridie Buggy

Margaret Buggy

Mary Ann Coleman

Margaret de Loughry

Nellie de Loughry

Mrs. Margaret Denieffe

Mary Denieffe

Annie Dermody

Mrs. Dermody

Hanny Dowling

Mrs Dunne

Kathleen Kelly

Elizabeth Laylor

Mary Lennon

Kattie Maher

Mary Mahoney

Lena Morrissey

Mrs Morrissey

Suibhán Ní Lionnagháule

Mrs O’Meara

Annie Purcell

Margaret Purcell

May Purcell

Statia Reade

Annie Ryan

Bridget Saunders

Katty Scanlan

Maria Sheehan

Daisy Sparks

Máirín Sparks

Mrs Mary Sparks

Mrs Walters

Jennie Watters

Bridget White

Lizzie White

Margaret White


Margaret Carroll

Cis Renehan


Nellie Carroll

Kattie Lanigan

Bridie Pender

Brooklawn, Dublin Road

Catherine Dowling

Butt’s Cross:

Mrs Conry

Butt’s Green:

Mrs. Ellen Bergin

Kattie Bergin

Maggie Bourke

Anne Broune

Florrie Donegan

Kattie Kerwick

Maggie Kerwick

Mary Kerwick

Mary Kerwick

Annie King

Bride King

Elizabeth King

Mary King

Nora King

Anastas Ní Caiomh

Alice B. O’Keeffe

Mrs. Michael O’Keeffe

Callan Road:

Julia Clohosey

Nora Culleton

Mrs Julia Hickey

Lena Hickey

Statia Kelly

Canice’s Place:

Mrs McSweeney

Eilín Ní Treacaig

Carraig Airt:

Bean Máire Ui Mhiara

Castle Blunden:

Bridget Bolard

Rosie O’Rourke

May Mary Wallace

Castle Road:

Mary A. Furniss

Castle View:

Mrs Walsh

Castlecomer Road:

Daly Mignon

Margaret Hennessy

Cathedral View:

Margaret Hickey

Mary Hickey


Maggie Ryan

Chapel Avenue:

Ellen Kinchella

Mrs. Margaret Kinchella

Norah Kinchella

Mrs. Sarah Wall

Chapel Lane:

Mrs Margaret Dunlop

Dolloy Keenan

Eileen Keenan

Fanny Keenan

Margaret Keenan

Margaret Keenan

Annie Quinn

Mrs Kate Quinn

Mary Brigid Quinn

Nellie Quinn

Mrs Kate Ryan


Josephine Coady


Maggie Mulhall

Sinéad Ní Stallaird

Mary A. Stallard

Mrs Eamonn Ban Ui Callaigh

Dean St:

Kattie Boyle

Edith Brennan

Kathie Brennan

Mrs Brennan

Mrs Crowely

Margaret Darcy

Mary Delaney

Kate Doheny

Bridie Hayes

May Hayes

Alice Hecker

Hannah Hennessey

Julia Keane

Katie Kennedy

M. Kennedy

Mrs. Kennedy

Lizzie Lambert

Julia Morrissey

Bridget Murray

B. O’Regan

Mrs Power

Elizabeth Treacy

Mrs K. Treacy

District Asylum:

Elizabeth Ryan


Josephine M. Dunne

Dublin Road:

Mrs. Mary Maher

May Maher


Julia Cantwell

Julia Cantwell

Bridie Stapleton

Ellen Walsh


Maggie Dooley

Eilín Ní Dubhlaig

Friar’s Bridge

Johanna Stapleton

Friary Place:

Statia Kelly

Friary St:

Bridie Allen

Baby Kenny

Mrs Margaret Kiely

Annie M Lalor

Cáit Ní Hogáin

Cáit Ní Raghallaigh

Lizzie O’Neill

Katie O’Reilly

Molly O’Reilly

Bridie Shortal

Margaret Shortal

Gaol St:

Mrs Bowe

Lizzie Bryant

Kate Butler

Kathleen Condon

Katie Delaney

Josephine Donoghue

Frances Donohoe

Frances Donohoe

Kati Donohue

Margaret Donohue

Julia Dooley

Katie Dooley

Mrs Roseanna Dooley

Mary Gayton

Ellen Grace

Mary Grace

Crissie Lukeman

Eileen O’Donoghue

Mary O’Donoghue

Katty O’Donoghue

Mrs A Power

Agnes Power

Mary Power

Statie Power

May Quigley

Mrs A Shasby

Nellie Shasby

Garden Row:

Mary Bourke

Maisie Doyle

Esslie Jordan

Mary Jordan

Mary Jordan

Bridie McGuire


Ainne Macartney

Mary Macartney


Mary Hurley

Stasia Hurley


Brigid Maguire

Granges Road:

Bridge Cantwell

Mary Cantwell

Briddie Power

Kattie Power

Green Field:

Mary Carolan

Green St:

Mrs Mary Brennan

Annie Cogan

Mrs Katie Dunne

Jane Halley

Ciss Hoban

Mrs. Mary Lennon

Annie MacDonald

Kattie Marchetti

Maggie McDonald

Mairéad Ní Dubhgáin

Maire Ní Hubháin

Cáit Ní Leabhlair

Eiblin Ní Rúraic

Caitlín Ní Ubáin

Eiblin Ní Rúraic

Caitlín Ní Ubáin

Margaret O’Rourke

Molly O’Rourke

Green’s Bridge:

Cis Lawlor

Anastasia Teehan

Mrs. Bridget Teehan

Green’s Hill:

Mary Gorman

Lizzie O’Brien

High Hayes Terrace:

Gretta Tynan

Mollie Tynan

High St:

Lizzie Barret

Mrs Bowden

Katty Brennan

Annie Brophy

Cress Brophy

Bridie M. Buggy

Bate Burke

Minnie Cahill

Lizzie Campion

Annie Carroll

Kitty Coll

Maggie Coogan

Bridget Croake

May Curran

Nano Delahunty

Julia Devanny

Bridie M. Doheny

Kathleen Dowling

Mary Farrell

Eleanora Fitzpatrick

Katie Glynn

Sarah Goodwin

Mary Haidy

Annie Holland

Jo. Kennedy

Maggie Landy

Josephine Lennon

Kathleen Leonard

Bridie Long

Chrissie Lynch

Mrs K. Lynch

Mary MacAdams

Bridget Maguire

Jeanne Maguire

Margaret McCarthy

Tessie McDonald

Bridget McGrath

Sarah McKeogh

Margaret M. Muldowney

Agnes Murphy

Annie Murphy

Annie Murphy

Catherine Murphy

Josie Murphy

Kathleen M. Murphy

Kattie Murphy

Úna Ní Bibbe

Eilin Ní Breanoin

Brighid Ní Buggain

Mianach Ní Carragain

Aine Ní Dubgall

Siobán Ní Dublaige

Eibhlín Ní Godfry

Cait Ní Mongoin

Brighidh Ní Muricadha

Eibhlín Ní Pollard

Máire Ní Riain

Máire Ní Shuilleabhain

Josephine O’Brien

Maggie O’Reilly

Johanna Pembroke

Mary E Pollard

Kitty Purcell

Mollie Purcell

Ellie Ryan

Nancy Ryan

Jane Saunders

Bridget Sheil

Kattie Spencer

Margaret Sweeney

Bridget Tobin

J F Travers

Katie Treacy

A Tynan

Eilis Ua Draoi

Siobhán Úa Draoi

May Walsh

Mary Walshe

Kattie Williams


Agnes Delaney

Lilly Delaney

M. Harrington

Eily Hennessy

Elizabeth Hennessy

Teresa Lucas

Lis O’Kelly

James’s Green:

Julia Browne

Kathleen Coady

Mrs Teresa Bridget Doran

Annie Fahy

Mrs Ellen Fahy

Mary Kennedy

Margaret Mary Malone

Mary Moore

Kati Norton

Mary Norton

James’s St:

Mary Bateman

Bessie Brennan

Kitty Brunton

Isabel H. Dungan

Ellen Dunne

Bridget Hurley

Katie Maher

Mary Maher

Alice E. Moran

Miss O’Sullivan

Kathleen Mary Phelan

Mary Reade

Kathleen Ryan

Minnie Walsh

Mary Weekes

Mary Margaret Weekes


K. Hennessy

John St:

M. Brennan

Bridget Buggy

Agnes Byrne

Margaret Byrne

Lizzie Cody

Mrs. Julia Cooney

Margaret Dunleavy

M S Freeman

Mary Gibson

Agnes Hickey

Margaret Hickey

Mrs. Ellen Kealy

Brigid Kenna

Mary Kenna

Winefrede Kenna

Margaret Kinchella

Bride Larkin

Lizzie Maher

Josephine Morrissey

Mrs Morrissey

Pollie Mullaly

Sara Naddy

Nora Ní Chiónoith

Una Ní Dunslaine

Máire Ní Mhaighaimhna

Ailis Ní Nuallaín

Mary J. O’Connell

Joan O’Grady

Kathleen O’Grady

Maire O’Grady

Mrs. Frank O’Murgan

May B. Quinlan

Mary Ronan

Nellie Ronan

Jennie Watters

Kathleen Williams

Marie Williams

Mary Williams

Bridie Young

Mrs. Katty Young

John’s Bridge:

Kate Quirke

Ellen M Ryan

John’s Green:

Mrs Mary Bryant

Ellen Hennessey

Maggie Malone

Margaret Malone

Julia McDonnell

Maggie McDonnell

John’s Place:

Hannah McCormack

John’s Kilkenny:

Máire Ní Corcóraig


Maire Duan

Rita Duan


Mary Hegerty

Joiner’s Folly:

Annie Egan

Kells Road:

E. Corrigan

Kenny’s Well:

Maggie Archbold

Mary Ceaser

Kattie Delaney

Mary Donnelly

Annie Dowling

Maggie Dowling

Kate Kelly

Kate Walsh

Mary Walsh

Kennyswell St:

Mary Brophy

Bride Butler

Margaret O’Neill

Mrs. John O’Neill

Kieran St:

Kate Bateman

May Bateman

Mrs H. Blanch

Bridie Blanchfield

Kathleen Bollard

Mrs Bollard

Bridget Bryant

Mary Chambers

Lily Cummins

Maggie Cummins

Mary Cummins

Ellen Delaney

Anie Dollard

Julia Gaffney

Bridie Glen

Sarah Hogan

Ethna Margaret Hurley

Margaret Celia Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly

Lizzie Moran

Cáit Ní Bhutlair

Mairéad Nic Cártháigh

Mary Ann Quinn

Mrs Quinn

Nancy Redmond

Mary Jane Stanton

Marianne Treacy

Mrs. Margaret Tyrrell

Stasia Tyrell


Bridie Healy

Kate Kelly

Rose Kelly

Mary O’Dowd

Statia Walsh


A Duncan


Bridget McCabe

Joanna White

Lake View:

Nan Finn

Lilac Cottage, Archer St:

Fanny Furniss

Jenni Furniss

Lombard St, Dublin:

Mary Cunningham

Lord Edward St:

Bridie Butler

Mary Butler

Mrs. Butler

Kattie Lawlor

M O’Brien

Mary Pollard

Annie Scully

Ellen Walshe

Jane Walshe

Mrs Walshe

Loreto Convent:

Cissie Boland

C. M. F. Raphael Campbell

Rose Clementina Comerford

Sr. Began Craddon

Anna Crowley

Sr. Syncletica Culleton

Sr. Leonard Cummins

Sr Crescentia Dunne

S. Honoria Fenelon

M. Stanislaus Kane

M. J. Gonzales Keating

Sr. Thaddeus Lilly

M. J. Boniface Lynch

M. C. McNamara

Teresa Nagaria Moran

Margaret Cosmas Naddy

Mairead Ní Fhlataraigh

Mairead Ní Riain

Bridget Sr. Januarius Nolan Nolan

O’Connor de Ricci

Mary Sylvester O’Reilly

Lucy Purcell

Margaret Shelly

Clare Silke

Loreto Lodge:

Bridget Knox

Mary Knox

Loreto View:

Margaret Fogarty

Mrs Annie Healy

Catherine Healy

Mollie Healy

Kattie McCullagh

Hanoria McDonald


Katie Corcoran

Katie Hoyne

Josie McGrath

Mary Anne McGrath

Lis O’Carroll

Margaret’s Fields:

Mary Anne O’Neill

Maudlin St:

Mary Begin

Moya Bligh

May de Loughry

Margaret Dowling

Ciss Lalor

Cissie Lalor

Nan Lalor

Nora Lalor

Mrs. Mary Lennon

Ciss Murphy

Eibhlín Ní Blíghe

Mrs Winnie Nolan

Winnie Nolan

Lillie Shore

Mrs. Shore

Jenny Smyth

May Smyth

Ellen Walshe

Julia West

Michael St:

Mary Brennan

Bridie Dowling

Margaret Fennelly

Bridget Flynn

Chrissie Flynn

Nellie Flynn

Ellen Furlong

Anne Gleeson

Bridget Hetherington

Bridget Meany

Statia Phelan


Frances Dowling

New Park Lodge:

Mary Graham

New St:

Josie Cullen

Jo Dwyer

Nellie Dwyer

Nellie Dwyer

Annie Holland

Josie Lukeman


Brigid Ní Mhurchudha


Mary Blanche


Bridie Cahill

Katie Carroll

Nellie Carroll

Bab Dowling

Mrs Mary Dowling

Mrs M. Kough

Oakley Road, Dublin:

Sile Ní Bhraonáin

Ormonde Road:

Ellen Cleere

Mary Cleere

Mary Cleere

Kate Fennelly

Carrie Gileson

Agnes Kelly

Jane Lalor


Peg Nolan

Mary Rice

Mary jun. Rice


Mrs Ellen Ford

Mary Grace

Parliament St:

Agnes Bergin

Ellen Bergin

Ellen Bergin

Annie Byrne

Kate Byrne

B. Cody

Mrs B. Cody

L. Cody

Nell Cody

Bridie Coogan

Katie Cullen

Mary Daly

Mrs Una de Loughry

Maggie Denieffe

Mary Ann Kealy

Katty Kenny

Emily Leahy

Annie McGrath

Winnie McGrath

Maggie Moriarty

Maggie Murphy

Brígid Ní Aonghusa

Eibhlín Ní Chrocaigh

Máire Ní Fháilsáon

Máire Ní Ghuidhir

Annie O’Hanlon

Mrs. Phelan, Maryann

Ainie M. Stallard

Parnell St:

Lizzie Berrie

Maggie Butler

Nano Butler

Mrs Bridget Cantwell

Mary Costello

Statia Costello

Hannah M. Costelloe

Johanna Dowling

Margaret F. Dowling

Mary Dunne

Mary Grace

Alice Grant

Mary A. Grant

Maggie Hogan

Nora Lennon

Bessie Lyster

Ellen Lyster

Ellie Lyster

Mary Meehan

Ellie Murphy

Maire Ní Súilleabháin

Chrissie Ryan

Maggie Sullivan

Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Patrick St:

Margaret Bergin

Molly Bourke

Rose Boyne

Annie Brennan

Mrs. Brennan

Annie Byrne

Katie Cantwell

Maggie Carroll

Mrs Maggie Carroll

Bridget Cleare

Miss Bridget Cleere

Mrs Bridget Cleere

Mollie Cleere

Mary Cogan

Mrs Conners

Margaret Corcoran

Mary Corcoran

Kattie Delany

Mrs Annie Doheny

Margaret Mary Doheny

Annie Dowling

Kitty Dowling

Maria Dowling

Bridie Dwyer

Mary Dwyer

May S Dwyer

Mary Anne Farrell

Josie Foster

Mrs. Foster

Mary Grady

Bridie Griffin

Florence Griffin

Gertrude Griffin

Joanna Griffin

Tessie Griffin

Mary B. Hickey

Bridget Hickman

Clarisdina Hickman

Mrs. Holland

Mary Holohan

Mary Holohan

Alice Keating

Jennie Keating

Maryanna Keating

Katie Lawlor

Bridget Leahy

Bridget Leahy

Johanna Leahy

Katie Leahy

Katie Leahy

Mary Leahy

Mrs Lukman

Mary Martin

Mollie McGrath

Ellie Meade

Nellie Meath

Lena Miles

Meady Molloy

Kitty Morrissey

Maggie Morrissey

Mary Morrissey

Mrs Morrissey

Mrs Morrissey

Statia Morrissey

Statia Morrissey

Annie Murphy

Mary Murphy

Maggie Myles

Mary Kate Myles

Anne Ní Aonguise

Aine Ní Donnacada

Clar Ní Griobhta

Úna Ni Leabhlain

Máire Ní Reastagaigh

Maire Ní Súilleabháin

Mary Kate O’Carroll

Eliza O’Farrell

Alice O’Neill

Julia O’Neill

Katie O’Neill

Molly O’Neill

Nellie O’Neill

Mary Pembroke

Molly Phelan

Statia Reade

Joehanna Ryan

Josy Ryan

Mary Ryan

Mary Saunders

Mrs Annie Scully

Mary Walshe

Mary Whyte

Poyntz Lane:

Margaret Jordan

Presentation Convent, James’s St:

Bridget Walshe

Prior’s Orchard:

Bertha Buggy

Review Fields:

Lena Rafter


Elizabeth Hannon

Rose Inn St:

Honoria Burke

Brigid Costello

Hanna Hennessy

Agnes B. Hooban

Bridie Kelleher

Maggie Kelly

Ellie Lalor

Mary Mansfield

B. Murphy

Annie B. Nolan

Eileen O’Connell

Mary Anne O’Connell

Maureen O’Connell

Peggy O’Connell

Bride O’Neill

Josie Phelan

Katy Phelan

Mary Timmens

H. Tynan

M Tynan


Nellie Delaney


Bridget Dunne

Bridget Muldowney

Lucy Jane Walton

Sion Road:

Annie Brennon

Spring Hall:

Mollie Fleming

Sráid Seagán:

Máire Ní Duinn

St Canice’s Cottage:

Bambrick Kathleen

Mary Manning

St Canice’s Place:

Julie Barron

Kattie Barron

Mrs Barron

Mrs Bourke

Katie McSweeney

Mary McSweeney

St Patrick’s:

Eily Cody

Mary Joe Eiviers

Moira Leahy

Margaret Madden

Katie O’Reilly

Julia Somers

St Patrick’s Lodge:

Bridget Cassin

Julia Cassin

St Rioch’s St:

Bridie Cullen

M S Geary

Sinéid Ní Bhroithe

Stephen St:

Mrs Alice Coonan

Eileen Coonan

Mary E. Lennon

Annie Manning

Mrs. L. Prout

Mrs Young

Talbot’s Inch:

Katie Carroll

Anastasia Denn

Margaret Doney

Kitty Dunphy

Mrs Mary Dunphy

Alice Mary Grogan

Hanna Hogan

The Palace:

Brigid Doyle

The Parade:

Nora Sweeney

The Quay:

Mabel Kavanagh

The Ring:

Mary Walton

The Square, High St:

Gertrude, Egan

Thomas St:

Mary McDonald

Mrs. McDonald

Annie Walsh


Eileen Duan


Ellie Dalton

Mrs. J. Neary


Ciss Ryan


Mary Hayes

Velvet Lane:

Lizzie Trehy

Nancy Trehy

Vicar St:

Lena Brannigan

Mrs Costigan

Ilenor Crannan

Ellen Cranny

Mrs Dalton

Cis Dunne

May Dunne

Kate Grace

Cis Kelly

Julia Kelly

Mary Kelly

Baby Keogh

May Keogh

Mrs Keogh

Mary Larkin

Máiréad Ní Laochda

Bridget Woods

Walkin St:

Kattie Bourke

Mary Bourke

Ellen Brennan

Maggie Brickley

Mary Buttler

Kathleen J. Byrne

Mrs Byrne

Bridget Cassin

Janie Cassin

Maggie Cassin

Mary Ellen Cassin

Katie Connors

Bridie Cooney

Josie Cooney

Kathleen Cooney

Annie Corrigan

Margaret Crennan

Mary C. Deegan

Granny Dempsey

Annie Donoghue

Johanna Doran

Kate Dowling

Mrs A. Dwyer

Bridie Dwyer

Nano Dwyer

Statia Egan

Mary B. Gargan

Mary Hickey

Maggie Hoban

Mrs Maggie Hoban

Bridget Hogan

Josephine Hogan

Mrs. Hogan

Nellie Hogan

Ellen Houghney

Josie Kavanagh

Alice Kennedy

Catherine Kennedy

Bridget Kenny

Mrs Bridget Kenny

Margaret Kinchella

Mary Kate Kinchella

Mary Lynch

Mollie Maggennis

Bridie Mahony

Katie McBride

Alice McCormac

Eileen McCormac

Mary McEvoy

Mollie McEvoy

Lizzie Moore

Kathleen Morrissey

Annie Murphy

Ellen Murphy

Mary Murray

Maire Ní Angliosh

Catherine Nolan

Siss Nolan

Lucy O’Hara

Sarah O’Hara

Katie Ryan

Mary Joseph Sandvoss

Alice Slavin

Ellen Misses Tunstan

Ellie Tunstan

May Walton


Lizzie Byrne

Mrs Byrne

Annie Doyle

Johanna Hill

Mary Hill

Angela Moloney

Nellie Moloney

Waterford Road:

Cathleen Hogan

Cait Ní Bhrennain

Mary Purcell


Bride Beckett

Mary Beckett

Eiblín Ní Breannaín

Mary O’Keeffe

Mary Walton

Wellington Square:

Jane Clancy

May Fennell

M. A. Hogan

Norah Hogan

William St:

Edith Delaney

Ellie Manning

Hannah McCarthy

Margaret McCarthy

Áine Ni Cháirdil

Eihblín Ní Chróinin

Monica Ní Dómhnaill

Eibhlín Ní Dublainge

Treasa Níc Dómnaill

Eibhlín NicCárthuig

Windgap Terrace:

Kathleen Timmens

Mrs Timmins

Wolfe Tone St:

Katie Burke

Anastasia Coady

Eibhlín de Burca

Máire de Burca

Elizabeth Hoyne

Elizabeth junr Hoyne

Elizabeth Long

Mrs Long

Eileen Ní Cogain

Mary Purcell

Ellen Sulivain

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