Patrick Kavanagh devotee gives stunning performance based on poet's life at the Book Centre, Kilkenny

Jimmy Rhatigan had audience in palm of his hand

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


On Raglan Road performed in Kilkenny by one  of poet Patrick Kavanagh's biggest fans, Jimmy Rhatigan,  former Smithwicks Brewery employee

Jimmy Rhatigan during his show on Patrick Kavanagh at the Book Centre, Kilkenny

Lifelong fan of poet, Patrick Kavanagh, Kilkenny man, Jimmy Rhatigan had his audience spellbound last night in the Book Centre on High Street, Kilkenny during his show paying homage to his favourite poet, Kavanagh.

It included a wonderful version of the poem/ballad, 'On Raglan Road' that had the crowd in raptures including poet and Kilkenny People columnist, Gerry Moran.