Kilkenny Gardaí : Fewer bank staff in lobbies resulting in vulnerable people being targeted

- Gardaí to meet managers of local financial institutions - At least 'two significant incidents' here, JPC hears

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Gardai in Kilkenny

Gardai in Kilkenny are to meet with managers of various local financial institutions

Gardaí in Kilkenny want to meet the managers of a number of local financial institutions to discuss their duties to their customers, in particular vulnerable customers.

It follows a number of incidents in which people appear to have been targeted in the lobbies of buildings, with fewer staff now physically present.

At last week's meeting of the Joint Policing Committee, Superintendent Derek Hughes said there had been 'issues with elderly people being targeted in bank lobbies'. He said there had been two significant incidents, in particular, and it was something Gardaí were concerned about.

"It is a reflection of now bank lobbies have reduced staff numbers and services have become more automated," he said.

The plan now is to bring in the managers of the financial institutions to talk about their duties to customers.


Cllr Tomas Breathnach welcomed the initiative to engage with financial institutions, and asked that post offices also be included.

"There are days when elderly people go to collect their pensions, and they might be vulnerable," he said.

Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick said he concurred with Cllr Tomas Breathnach's comments relating to financial institutions.

"Elderly people are so vulnerable - and it's now talking to a machine," he said.

The north Kilkenny councillor said that financial institutions had to protect their customers.