Play time gets better for Pres kids

Zoha Khan


Zoha Khan


Play time gets better for Pres kids

Brian Cody and Presentation Primary School Principle Irene Deasy with junior students

Another cut ribbon symbolises the opening of their new and upgraded facilities in Presentation Primary School Kilkenny. The junior children now enjoy a freshly resurfaced backyard as well as a gorgeous sensory garden.

It was a vibrant day filled with laughter and chatter. The students formed a rippling circle while the sixth class choir sang Lean On Me by Billy Withers.

They paid tribute to the late Deborah Phelan, an active member of the Presentation Primary School Parents Council. Kilkenny hurler Brian Cody was invited to the opening ceremony in her honour.

Cody commented: “It would be terrific for the whole school. It’s going to be a lovely memory first of all for what it’s dedicated towards’s a real team effort from all the school and for the children then and the excitement for it”

These upgrades are available today following an extensive fundraising campaign which raised over 25000 euro. The bulk of the finances were raised through the unique ‘Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire’ fundraiser in March 2018. This huge fundraising idea was first pitched by the Parents Council Treasurer Joanne Buckerage and planning for it commenced six months prior to the actual event. Raffles, silver circles and backpacking events were also employed as other means of raising revenue.

The success of this project is a credit to the strong community spirit of Kilkenny. Both former and current staff and members of the parents council banded together to tackle this huge project.

To commemorate 60 years of Presentation Primary School a Golden Ticket raffle was done with a cash prize of 600 euro.

With some of the leftover money, the school plans to resurface the senior yard and perhaps even further improve the junior area with the addition of bean bags for outdoor reading or finishing the artwork on the shed.