Gay Byrne RIP

When Gay Byrne opened Bennettsbridge Festival in 1978

Remembering the television legend

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


When Gay Byrne opened Bennettsbridge Festival in 1978

Statia Hogan, Tullaherin, has a word in Gay's ear in Bennettsbridge in 1978

We have another blast from the past as we remember the late Gay Byrne today.

In 1978 the parish of Bennettsbridge held a Midsummer Festival and who was there but Gaybo  himself.

Also there was the Kilkenny People - and that week we had a picture on our front page of Gay Byrne meeting two of the parishes oldest residents at the time - 93 year old Statia Hogan, from Tullaherin, and 96 year old Tom Reidy, from Barronsland.

As our front page shows, Statia was keen to have a word in the ear of the famous Mr Byrne.

Thanks to our reader Helen Jordan for highlighting the memory. Helen is Statia's great-granddaughter. Helen's father Donal O'Meara was Statia's grandson