First glimpse of Kilkenny's new city bus - launching next Wednesday

Late night services will operate on Friday and Saturday nights

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


First glimpse of Kilkenny's new city bus - launching next Wednesday

Kilkenny is awaiting an early Christmas next week when the city’s brand new bus service sets off for its first official day of business.

Servicing 64 stops, the two-route urban service will begin carrying its first passengers from 7am next Wednesday morning — just in time for people doing their last few bits of Christmas shopping or enjoying social festivities in local restaurants, cafés and pubs. Late night services will operate on Friday and Saturday nights.

Each route operates every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday. Services on Sunday operate by the hour, with services every half hour during the core part of the day. 


The cost of a fare will be €2 for adults and €1.20 for children. All fares include a transfer function, allowing passengers to interchange between KK1 and KK2 free of charge. For the first three months of operation, a promotional Leap fare of €1 will be available. Leap fares will then be €1.40 for adults and €0.84 for children.

Tim Butler, Director of Services at Kilkenny County Council says the council is delighted to have partnered with the NTA in the delivery of the city bus services, and we look forward to the improvements it will bring for residents and visitors.

The new network is fully funded by the National Transport Authority. The routes will be operated by City Direct, as part of the Transport for Ireland public transport network.

"We are thrilled to launch the KK1 and KK2 bus routes in Kilkenny. The introduction of cross-city bus routes will deliver commuters, students, families, and visitors to their destinations quickly and comfortably in state-of-the-art buses," said Anne Graham, Chief Executive Officer of the NTA.

“The services also offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to personal car use in Kilkenny, in line with the NTA’s commitment to the Climate Action Plan. Kilkenny is an up-and-coming area of the country, and these new bus services will support the city’s economic and population growth for years to come.”

Maps and passenger information will be distributed locally, and timetables will be available on the NTA website.