Public consultation begins on 'horse-exclusion zones' for Kilkenny

Up to 26 streets are proposed in the draft bylaws with the public's input sought

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



File: A sulky and horse being driven in Kilkenny

Up to 26 streets have been included in a draft of proposed new bylaws which will create ‘horse-exclusion zones’ in Kilkenny City.

The proposals and a map, which can been viewed in this week’s Kilkenny People, have now gone on display for public consultation and input.

The streets included in the draft include much of the core city centre, including High Street and John Street, as well as laneways and areas such as Peace Park. At the October meeting of Kilkenny County Council, director of services Tim Butler confirmed the council had been liaising with gardaí on the matter and it was now ready to progress.

The draft bylaws, once adopted, will replace the Control of Horses Act, 1996 Bylaws 2015. They can be viewed at council offices throughout the county and at The closing date for submissions is 4pm on Tuesday, December 15.

The draft bylaws arise from a Notice of Motion brought in 2018 by Cllr Andrew McGuinness which was supported by the other councillors.