Gardaí halt massive sulky group on Kilkenny road

At least ten sulkies were pulled over in the incident today near the ring road

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People



The horses and sulkies are stopped by gardaí

Gardaí halted a large group of at least ten sulkies and horses along with their drivers on a road at the outskirts of Kilkenny City this afternoon.

They were pulled over in Clara. Multiple garda vehicles were involved, and it's understood a vet was called to the scene.

It's not the first time a large group of sulkies have used this road, which is close to the ring road. Horse-free zones have been proposed for some areas of Kilkenny City, but not in this area.

In recent years, sulky racing was restricted by by-laws in Kilkenny after multiple incidents in which horses and road users were put in danger. The use of sulkies on public roads around Kilkenny continues.