Hurricane Ophelia: Kilkenny's severe weather crisis team to convene again in morning

People are being urged to secure loose property, beware fallen trees, debris, and powerlines

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Weather alert!

Loose items such as bins, unsecured hoarding and signage should be secured in advance of the stormy conditions.

Members of the public, property owners, and businesses in Kilkenny are being urged to prepare for the severe weather expected tomorrow.

Kilkenny County Council has warned that loose items such as bins, unsecured hoarding, and signage should be secured in advance of the stormy conditions. There is a high risk of fallen trees, branches, slates and other debris during and after the storm. If power lines are found to be down, the regular ESB warnings should be strictly adhered to.

The local co-ordination group and members of the council's crisis management team met on Friday and again today in regard to Storm Ophelia to prepare for the onset of extreme weather. High winds and heavy rain are predicted.

The council has also been in contact with the other principal response agencies including the Gardai, Defence Forces and the HSE.

The Council's Severe Weather Crisis Management Team will convene again tomorrow morning and will issue updates on the Kilkenny County Council website, social media and via local media as it is received.

The Kilkenny People will keep you posted with updates as we get them.