‘Vulnerable’ Square ‘needs CCTV’ - resident

Resident says recent instances of fighting, underage drinking, petty vandalism and public urination have caused them to speak out

Christopher Dunne


Christopher Dunne



Kilkenny has 2020 CCTV vision

Kilkenny has 2020 CCTV vision

A Kilkenny resident has raised serious concerns about part of the city being overlooked by the upcoming CCTV roll-out following recent instances of anti-social behaviour.

The Francis McManus resident highlighted the problem ahead of the installation of the cameras.

“In the last few weeks there have been instances that include fighting, underage drinking, petty vandalism and public urination occurring here,” the resident explained.

Garda sources have confirmed that over the past year there have been several instances of anti-social activity reported in the area.

They are encouraging residents of the Square to continue reporting such activity to Kilkenny Garda Station so that it can be logged and assistance can be provided.

“It’s scary for the people who live here because the majority are elderly or in need of special support. Many may not always report such activity as a result,” the resident added.

“Our area is hidden away from the main local streets and as a result some people think they can come here to what is a vulnerable community space and get up to all sorts.”

The resident concerned is currently submitting their case to Gardaí to have Francis McManus Square included as part of the 2020 CCTV plan.